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Are Your Teams Working Remotely? Communicate Better | The Melting Pot Newsletter | #79


Well – what a difference a week makes. It feels like the world has shifted on its axis.  The outbreak of Covid-19 is accelerating changes in our daily lives as quickly as it’s spreading through the population. Following government advice, many UK companies are now asking their teams to work remotely, some for the first time.  This is likely to be challenging, particularly if it’s unfamiliar. Remote teams need to adapt to new ways of working and leaders need a new approach to get the best from their team. 

It’s important to remember that change is very unsettling. Humans are creatures of habit and we prefer to stick with what we know. The rapid intensity of change brought about by the coronavirus is causing fear and panic. This could morph into resistance and low productivity – an equally deadly infection creeping into the heart of your business. The solution? Communicate. Communicate. And communicate some more!

Never has there been a better time for reviewing communication with your team. Or putting in a new rhythm around conversations. This could be the difference between weathering the storm or sinking without trace. 

So how do you best communicate with remote teams?

The Melting Pot With Dominic Monkhouse - Featured Image

Elevate Performance And Working Remotely With Robert Glazer

With more people opting to work remotely, particularly in light of the current health issues surrounding Coronavirus, today’s guest couldn’t be better timed. 

Robert Glazer is the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, a partner marketing agency that helps brands with a form of marketing also known as affiliate marketing. What sets his marketing agency apart from the competition? He built his business to be remote from day one – all 175 members of his team are based around city hubs, but all work entirely remotely.

This has led him down many interesting different avenues, not least writing a book, starting a podcast and authoring a truly fantastic and #1 newsletter on LinkedIn. 

“I am obsessed with people sort of living up to their ability both inside and outside of work that’s become a universal thing. For me, I think the biggest shame is not living up to your own potential or capacity.”

This wide-ranging conversation covers how to work remotely (including the cultural implications), the genesis of Acceleration Partners, how (and why) he started his newsletter and what has driven his personal high performance as a business leader and entrepreneur.

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The Peter Attia Drive

The best podcast on Covid-19 we have heard is this one, by Dr Peter Hotez, who developed a vaccine for Sars1 and has interesting insights on the current disease, Sars2.

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As the Covid-19 crisis spreads to new epicenters in Europe and the U.S., companies are scrambling to mobilize responses. There are no easy answers, due to the unpredictability of disease dynamics, a lack of relevant prior experience, and the absence of plug-and-play instructions from government or international authorities.


The coronavirus outbreak is a human tragedy unfolding in front of us, it has already affected hundreds of thousands of people. Generally speaking, there’s a pessimistic narrative about the virus that has penetrated every conversation, no matter where you are in the world. Though there have been breakthroughs as scientists research the virus, there is still a lot of uncertainty — uncertainty that has manifested in the market and workplace.


Today is World Happiness Day. I know — the irony. But I want to talk about happiness even though the world is in the grips of the biggest health, social and economic challenge in our lifetime. What we are seeing is the biggest mass expression of fear (and its pervasive first cousin, anxiety) the world has seen in many years. Now, more than ever before, the science of happiness has a role in helping us through this crisis.

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Calling all CEOs, Founders and Managing Partners! Learn valuable scale-up strategies in a brand new book by the UK’s top tech industry business coach, Dominic Monkhouse. Dom has a track record of scaling-up award-winning technology businesses, including two UK based companies from zero revenue to £30 million within five years. Now he is sharing the secrets behind his success in a new book, FREE to all Melting Pot subscribers. The download will be available very soon.  Watch out for your copy! 


Don’t fight for customers, let them fight over you! Have you ever queued for a restaurant? Pre-ordered something months in advance? Fought for tickets that sell out in a day? Had a hairdresser with a six-month waiting list? There are people who don’t chase clients, clients chase them. In a world of endless choices, why does this happen? In Oversubscribed, entrepreneur and bestselling author Daniel Priestley explains why and, most importantly, how. This book is a recipe for ensuring demand outstrips supply for your product or service, and you have scores of customers lining up to give you money. 


Do you ever find it really hard to get down to writing an important presentation or urgent proposal? Me too! We’re all guilty of putting things off and then beating ourselves up for it.  That is until I read about the idea of ‘deliberate procrastination’.  This theory suggests that, instead of spending all day worrying about it, you deliberately decide to spend most of your time on something else.  Maybe going out for a walk or spending some time with your kids (if you’re working from home).  Something that’s not as important but still has value.  Then give yourself a really narrow time window where you focus completely on the important task, accepting that you’ll get it up to 80% perfect.  It’s pretty liberating.  Not only do you get the job done, you also feel you haven’t wasted your day worrying. 

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