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Top 10 Business Podcasts

I love learning new things every day. There’s always something new to discover and, sometimes, to challenge you to think differently. That’s why I love podcasts so much. They feed my brain with new information, perspectives and insights. 

And what better time to expand your knowledge with a podcast whilst enjoying the sunshine than over the summer holidays?  

Whether you’re in a tent, a plane or a sun lounger, here are some of the best podcasts I’ve listened to so far this year (in no particular order).

Simple Numbers with Greg Crabtree

This week The Melting Pot is bringing you the conversation from its first-ever live webinar. 

Greg Crabtree is a scaling and financial expert and author of the best selling Simple Numbers books. He knows exactly how to keep your business scaling profitably. Listen to find out why so many business leaders are getting it wrong on measuring their business’s profitability. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls, and gain a new perspective on measuring success to drive profitability. 

This week the questions are not just from Dom; the live audience share queries for Greg. Learn from the advice Greg has from your fellow business leaders, and gain an overview of the key ideas discussed in Simple Numbers: Straight Talk, Big Profits and Simple Numbers 2.0.: Rules for Smart Scaling. 

Tune in to Dominic and Greg’s insightful conversation to expand your understanding of Labour Efficiency Ratios and get under the skin of the numbers you really need for success. Greg is famed for helping leaders understand and reframe their levels of success. After all, how can you be at your best without knowing where you are REALLY succeeding.

Cool Tools

In each episode of the Cool Tools Show, Kevin Kelly and Mark Frauenfelder talk to a guest about some of his or her favourite uncommon and uncommonly good tools they think others should know about.

Psychological safety and the critical role of leadership development

When employees feel comfortable asking for help, sharing suggestions informally, or challenging the status quo without fear of negative social consequences, organizations are more likely to innovate quickly, unlock the benefits of diversity, and adapt well to change—all capabilities that have only grown in importance during the COVID-19 crisis.1 Yet a McKinsey Global Survey conducted during the pandemic confirms that only a handful of business leaders often demonstrate the positive behaviors that can instill this climate, termed psychological safety, in their workforce.2

Leadership Training Can Pay Huge Dividends for Midsize Companies

Developing managers and leaders in middle-market companies is a far different challenge than in large companies, for a variety of reasons. In my work, I hear these three most often:

Encourage Your Employees to Give You Critical Feedback

It’s been 10 years since I co-authored the HBR article “Making Yourself Indispensable,” with John H. Zenger and Joseph Folkman. In the article we provided a model to get useful and actionable feedback on one’s leadership effectiveness, and how to uniquely develop your strengths in those areas.

Arguing With Zombies by Paul Krugman

There is no better guide than Paul Krugman to basic economics, the ideas that animate much of our public policy. Likewise, there is no better foe of zombie economics, the misunderstandings that just won’t die. Arguing with Zombies is Krugman “the most hated and most admired columnist in the US” (Martin Wolf, Financial Times) at his best, turning readers into intelligent consumers of the daily news with quick, vivid sketches of the key concepts behind taxes, health care, international trade and more. In this new book, in which he builds on and expands his The New York Times columns and other writings, the most celebrated economist of his generation (The Economist), offers short, accessible chapters on topics including the European Union and Brexit, the fight for national health care in the United States, the financial meltdown of 2007 2008, the attack on Social Security and the fraudulent argument the ultimate zombie that tax cuts for the rich will benefit all.

Mother Of Invention by Katrine Marcal

Bestselling author Katrine Marçal reveals the shocking ways our deeply ingrained ideas about gender continue to hold us back. Every day, extraordinary inventions and innovative ideas are side-lined in a world that remains subservient to men. But it doesn’t have to be this way. From the beginning of time, women have been pivotal to our society, offering ingenious solutions to some of our most vexing problems. More recently, it is women who have transformed the way we shop online, revolutionised the lives of disabled people and put the climate crisis at the top of the agenda. Despite these successes, we still fail to find and fund the game-changing ideas that could alter the future of our planet, giving just 3% of venture capital to female founders. Instead, ingrained ideas about men and women continue to shape our economic decisions; favouring men and leading us to the same tired set of solutions. For too long we have underestimated the consequences of sexism in our economy, and the way it holds all of us – women and men – back. Katrine Marcal’s blistering critique sets the record straight and shows how, in a time of crisis, the ingenuity and intelligence of women is that very thing that can save us.

Get your ‘Prescription For Growth’! 

15th September, New Forest 8.30am – 5.00pm 

Do you ever ask yourself, “if I double the number of sellers, will I double my revenue?”. If you paused, hesitated, or said no, then you should join the next Prescription For Growth workshop with Justin Roff-Marsh. 

Justin is back at Foundry Farm to walk you through the revolutionary ideas from his book The Machine and help you build a simple plan for 11X selling conversations for your team and significantly grow sales. 

What you will learn:

  • A growth formula that you can follow to generate up to 11 times more selling conversations for your salespeople.  
  • A plan for restructuring sales to cover more territory and increase sales without a proportionate increase in payroll costs.
  • Steps to follow to improve operational performance and deliver >90 ontime case completion performance.
  • How to generate sales opportunities on a just-in-time basis (and why marketing must subordinate to sales).
  • How to use one set of KPIs to drive growth and the role of management.


Work out your ‘talk trigger’

Word of mouth influences everything from recruitment to purchasing decisions.  You need to take advantage of this. Is there anything you do in your business that’s remarkable enough to make people talk?  To be a true ‘talk trigger’, it needs to be something that sticks in the imagination of at least 30% of your customers or staff.
Good examples are the giant, helter-skelter slide we had slap bang in the middle of our offices at Peer 1.  Or ‘Fanatical Support®’ at Rackspace.  Or even the longest menu in the world at the Cheesecake Factory.  If you don’t have a ‘talk trigger’, create one.  

There are too many incompetent men in leadership positions – in large part because businesses tend to promote people on the basis of charisma, confidence and even narcissism. Instead, companies should be putting people in charge who demonstrate competence, humility and integrity.

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Quote of the week

“The wisest mind has something yet to learn”

George Santayana

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