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Give your business the edge

How A Value Proposition Canvas Will Give Your Business The Edge

Simple question.  Why do people buy your products or services?  And not your competitors’?  Do you have an immediate answer?   Is it short and sweet? 

So often when we ask this question of our CEO clients, the answer is long and waffly.  We’ll sit down with them at the start of our relationship and it’s pretty evident they have no real handle on customer motivations.  In fact, they’re not even clear who their core customer is.  Let alone why they want to buy the company’s products. 

You have to get this clear in your head.  Positioning your business for the right customers should be central to any long term strategy.  It’s the only way you’re going to achieve stratospheric growth.  After all, no one goes to the third-best ‘Thai/Indian fusion’ restaurant around the corner. Not when there’s a top-notch eatery specialising in Indian food in town.  

Similarly, customers don’t buy drills to make holes.  They buy drills to put up shelves to store books.  This understanding is crucial.  You want to solve a problem well for one type of customer.  In fact, Black and Decker drills are often bought by wives and girlfriends and NOT male DIY enthusiasts. So be clear on the customer as they may not be the user.  Engineer your business around this and you’ll cut through the noise, becoming world-famous for that one thing. Don’t just take our word for it. One of our distribution clients, Ontruck, has started growing by 20% a week since we coached them through the Value Proposition Canvas.  Get this right and it’s a game-changer.

Finding A Life Rhythm With Nigel Bennett

Have you ever wanted to just put a pin in your life, upsticks and travel the world with your family before it’s too late? Well, that’s just what Nigel Bennett did. 

Nigel is an entrepreneur. Just not like any other entrepreneur we’ve had on the show. Where most people work hard, scaling up their business in order to sell it, Nigel, after taking mind altering drugs deep in the Amazon rainforest had an epiphany, and decided not to sell. 

That’s pretty much how this episode, re-broadcast from our archives, goes. 

It is just story after story of Nigel’s fascinating life. It doesn’t seem like he’s had any dull moments, and he hasn’t stopped for a second. 

Nigel is the founder and owner and International business development for Aqua-Guard’s environmental response services and equipment business. Aqua-Guard specialises in marine oil spill response. He’s the author of “Take that Leap – Risking it all for what really matters”; the founder of TruBeach, an app and a mobile platform community for reporting coastline and ocean cleanliness, and he’s the co-founder of, an organisation that works to bring awareness to the actual gift of ADHD and dyslexia. 

This is a truly enlightening conversation, one we are sure you’re going to enjoy.

Outperform By Acceleration Partners

What exactly is affiliate/performance marketing? And how are the world’s leading companies using this model to outperform in their marketing and business partnerships? Join us on the Outperform with Acceleration Partners podcast to hear insightful, valuable and eye-opening discussions about what it truly means to create transparent, high-value partnerships that bring more customers, incremental sales and faster growth.

A Guide To Implementing The 4-Day Workweek

In June of this year, Kickstarter became the latest in a string of organizations to announce they are experimenting with a four-day workweek. Its employees will be working 32 rather than 40 hours per week, while being expected to achieve the same productivity levels and earning the same pay.

No More Mr. Remote Guy

A high-paying client calls to say he’ll be in town tomorrow and would like to come meet the team. The manager panics, scrambling to extract the team lead from her country house, the client liaison from the South of France, and Jack … where does Jack even work from these days?

How to write great OKR objectives

Objectives and key results (OKRs) are a great way for you to align and provide feedback to teams about how they fit into the strategy of your organization. While I’ve seen them implemented many times both well and not well, the difference is usually based on where your organization is in the “journey” of using OKRs

The Innovator’s Solution

In his international bestseller The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen exposed this crushing paradox behind the failure of many industry leaders: by placing too much focus on pleasing their most profitable customers, these firms actually paved the way for their own demise by ignoring the disruptive technologies that aggressively evolved to displace them. In The Innovator’s Solution, Christensen and coauthor Michael E. Raynor help all companies understand how to become disruptors themselves. Clay Christensen (author of the award-winning Harvard Business Review article, “How Will You Measure Your Life?”) and Raynor not only reveal that innovation is more predictable than most managers have come to believe, they also provide helpful advice on the business decisions crucial to truly disruptive growth. Citing in-depth research and theories tested in hundreds of companies across many industries, the authors identify the processes that create successful innovation—and they show managers how to tailor their strategies to the changing circumstances of a dynamic world.

The Replaceable Founder

Are you an entrepreneur mystified as to how to scale your business? Do you realize the solution is to make yourself replaceable? Does that question bring up any resistance? Well, then you are ready to dive into my latest book. “The Replaceable Founder” explores the dynamics of entrepreneurship world and explains how founders can capitalize on emerging trends to optimize, automate, outsource, and create truly sustainable businesses.You’ll be relieved to discover how simple and easy it is to relinquish control and cultivate a more productive mindset with this book. I’ll give you the tools to confidently optimize, securely automate, and effortlessly outsource the majority of your daily tasks for the greater good of your business. Author Ari Meisel wrote with exceptional articulation and clarity in the book, sharing practical, actionable methods on how entrepreneurs can build next level businesses through his proprietary OA Methodology. This book is a blueprint that will help you eliminate that “I got this” mentality so you can create your own path to professional and financial success, no matter the size of your business. Quite simply, It is filled with “right here, right now” tactics and processes that will show you how to build a better company. This is not a book that tells you a story about how to start a business, it is one of those rare practical guides that has the power to change any entrepreneur’s life. All Ari asks is that founders get out of their own way.


Introduce time-boxing, company-wide

If you want to improve productivity, consider introducing time-boxing across your organisation. Get everyone to decide, every day, what the number 1 thing is that they need to do.  Work out how much time and effort it’s going to take and put the time in your diary.  If it’s not in the diary, it won’t get done.  Thinking back to our account management team at Rackspace, it wasn’t that they didn’t want to do customer calls.  It’s just they constantly found other things that were less horrible!  So we told them that between 9 and 12 they were to focus on doing a certain number of customer health-checks.  Only in the afternoon could they do email.  We took away the distractions and everyone did their customer calls together.  Sharing the pain!  Timeboxing is dead simple.  And it costs you nothing.

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“If you have to ask whether you have product-market fit, the answer is simple: you don’t.

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