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Having trouble delegating? | Issue #258

The Secret to Delegating Effectively as a Busy Executive

Are you bogged down in the relentless grind of running your business?  Feeling there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done?  Wondering how any CEO gets time to look at the bigger picture?  Let alone plan for the future? You’re not alone.

We’re all busy.  That’s the nature of life.  But are you busy doing the right things?  This is what you need to ask yourself. You should be spending most of your time on the things that add value and give you joy.  The things that only you can do.  And all the rest of it needs to be delegated.

You may tell me this is impossible – you’re overwhelmed and haven’t time to delegate.  But be honest.  Is there a part of you that enjoys feeling needed?  Maybe you get a dopamine hit from putting on your Superman pants and saving the day?  Do you realise this behaviour misses the fundamental purpose of being a leader – developing your people?  Nothing is more important than this.

Serial entrepreneur Sherry Coutu wrote the Scale Up Report for government. The report offers findings and suggestions emphasising the importance of concentrating on ‘scale-ups’ to achieve substantial increases in employment, tax revenue, and overall wealth. This focus is vital for maintaining the UK’s competitive edge for future generations. She identified several gaps between the USA and the UK; a key area is the UK’s need for systematically developing scale-up leadership.

If your business is snowballing, access to talent is always a pinch point.  So your task has to be to develop your people.  Then, the organisation will have a plethora of possibilities for promotion.  And that means you HAVE to delegate. 

So, what is the secret to delegating effectively as a busy executive?

E264 | Scaling Made Simple: Removing Barriers to Growth with Sherry Coutu

In a world where knowledge is power, one woman dared to question the effectiveness of traditional learning methods. Sherry Coutu’s unwavering curiosity led her on a journey of discovery from Cambridge University to the heart of entrepreneurial success. But her path took an unexpected turn when she realised that the resources meant to ignite growth were failing entrepreneurs like her. Now, she stands on the precipice of a groundbreaking solution that could revolutionise learning and unlock limitless potential. 

This week on The Melting Pot, we learned from Sherry Coutu, a prolific British entrepreneur with an unyielding drive for catalysing progress in business growth. Her portfolio showcases a seamlessly fascinating journey through the tech industry, marked by her triumphant co-founding roles in companies like Interactive Investor International and LinkedIn, which continue to dominate their respective niches. Add her impactful stint as an angel investor, and it’s clear she can identify, back, and shepherd startups to exponential growth. Her firm belief in the power of learning has instigated her remarkable contributions towards bolstering educational endeavours, making her an advocate for skills development.

Download and listen to learn more.

Coaching Real Leaders with Muriel Wilkins

Longtime leadership coach Muriel Wilkins takes you inside real-life leadership coaching sessions with high performers working to overcome professional challenges and grow as leaders.

Building a Culture Where Employees Feel Free to Speak Up

When employees at every level speak up, they circulate local knowledge, expand the universe of useful ideas, and prevent collective tunnel vision. And not infrequently, minority views turn into novel solutions. But you can’t speak a speak-up culture into existence — doing so in the absence of true psychological safety is an abdication of leadership and an admission of failure.

Leading Change: What We Can Learn From Bezos, Gates, Hastings, and Musk

Leaders constantly find themselves at a crossroads, faced with a critical question: Should I drive change, adapt to it, or continue with business as usual?

Culture: Transformation’s invisible enabler

Successful transformation often requires organizational culture change to make the improvements stick. Leadership teams can increase their odds by focusing on three measures.

The Bezos Blueprint

Jeff Bezos built Amazon. A dreamer who turned a bold idea into the world’s most influential company, a brand that likely touches your life every day. As a student of leadership and communication, he learned to elevate the way Amazonians write, collaborate, innovate, pitch and present. He created a scalable model that grew from a small team in a Seattle garage to one of the world’s largest employers. The Bezos Blueprint by Carmine Gallo reveals the communication strategies that Jeff Bezos pioneered to fuel Amazon’s astonishing growth. As one of the most innovative and visionary entrepreneurs of our time, Bezos reimagined the way leaders write, speak and motivate teams and customers.

Quote of the week

“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.”

Jeff Bezos

Dominic Monkhouse

Dominic offers business coaching and management development, strategy planning and organisational change, using tried and tested methods to launch your organisation onto an unparalleled growth trajectory. His programme is a function of his broad experience, his deep expertise and a proven process used by over 2,700 firms worldwide.

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    Sign up today and get your copy of F**K PLAN B: How to scale your technology business faster and achieve Plan A, the book that will change your business and your life.

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