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Need a better hiring process? | Issue #217

The five best metrics to use in talent recruitment

Hiring A-Player talent is the most significant difference you can make to your growing business. Because it’s so important, it’s become one of my mantras. It dwarfs everything else. And I won’t stop talking about it. It was fundamental to my experience scaling three tech companies, and I see the results in the clients I coach. If you have a high percentage of A-Players, you will scale rapidly. End of. It’s like everyone’s in the SAS. Your teams will execute quickly, efficiently and with minimal fuss.

Take SmartSourcing, our outsourcing client from the Philippines. I’ve just got back from keynoting their culture day and was struck by the energy and passion I saw in every one of their people. Since we started working with them pre-Covid, they’ve grown from 125 to 450 staff. This time next year, they’ll be at 1000, growing 100% year on year. Their superb service results in every customer referring them to at least three others. As a result, their sales and marketing costs are virtually zero – a pretty enviable position. And underpinning all of this is A-Player recruitment. 

How has SmartSourcing got so good at attracting talented people? By obsessing about certain metrics. If you know you need to improve your hiring process, read on. There are several metrics you can track.

Unconventional Co-Leadership As The Recipe For Success with Robert Chapman

When it comes to leadership, we usually think of one person that is in charge of holding the reins and steering the direction of a company. While it might seem counterintuitive to our traditional view regarding authority, equally sharing power and influence can often have more benefits than we can imagine.

Robert Chapman, co-founder of Firebrand, joins today’s episode of The Melting Pot and shares how Firebrand became an incontestable leader of the Accelerated Learning market, with 21 years of continued growth and performance even while going through three major recessions and a world pandemic. 

A fascinating episode full of insights. Make sure to download and listen.

The Reason Interview With Nick Gillespie

Want to know what comes next in politics, culture, and libertarian ideas? Reason’s Nick Gillespie hosts relentlessly interesting interviews with the activists, artists, authors, entrepreneurs, newsmakers, and politicians who are defining the 21st century.

Difficult conversations with employees: 9 crucial rules to remember

Have you ever heard your car make a noise that didn’t sound right? Even as the noise grows louder, you put off getting it fixed.Then one day, your car breaks down. The realization that you could have avoided the problem earlier hits you like a punch to the gut.Unfortunately, this is the same logic exercised by many business leaders when it comes to difficult conversations with employees. Initiating a simple talk can be a real roadblock. A Useful guide to having difficult conversations.

What matters most? Six priorities for CEOs in turbulent times

If an executive had fallen asleep in 2019 and just woke up, she wouldn’t recognize the business world of November 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic rewrote the rules, and now a new and potent disruption seems to arrive every other day. And the hardest task of all for CEOs is to decide what needs to be done now and what can wait.

Value Propositions And Business Models Matter More Than Technology

“To succeed with innovation we have to think beyond technology and consider two other key things. A value proposition that resonates with customers and a business model that is profitable and scalable.” Great piece by previous podcast guest, Tendayi Viki.

Someone Has To Be The Most Expensive, Why Not Make It You?

Someone Has To Be The Most Expensive, Why Not Make It You? is the culmination of Andrew Griffiths’ thirty-five-year entrepreneurial journey. This has seen him travel the world as an author, speaker and commentator, working with business owners in every corner of the planet to help them create enterprises of substance and significance. If you’re sick of not charging enough for what you do, of not having any money in the bank, of feeling the exhaustion of working incredibly hard but not getting where you want to go, then this is, without a doubt, the book you need to read – now. 

Upcoming Events

Fundamentals of Execution Webinar – 30th November, 2:30 pm EST (7:30 pm GMT)

Verne Harnish says there are 3 disciplines for driving success in 2023 – Priorities, Metric Tracking, and Meeting Rhythms. Join Verne as he dives into using People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash to optimize your strategic plan for 2023. He will discuss how to pick key Annual Initiatives that will drive profitability, and how certain software can keep you on the right track by accurately and easily tracking critical data.

CEO Bootcamp with Verne Harnish & Dominic Monkhouse – 28th-31st March, 2023

For the first time in Europe, we’re hosting the CEO Bootcamp with the author of Scaling Up, Verne Harnish. 

During these three days of learning, sharing and fun in an intimate setting, you and your #2 will have the opportunity to access Verne’s extensive network and broad experience to help address the constraints in your business and make some critical decisions. 

Join us for a game-changing experience at Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa, near Bath (UK).

Quote of the week

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well  enough so they don’t want to.”

Richard Branson

Dominic Monkhouse

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