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Remember the last time you said ‘thank you’? | Issue #242

Seven Ways to Create a Culture of Praise and Celebration in your business

When did you last thank a member of your team? Yesterday? Last week? Can’t remember? For some of us, it comes easily. For others, it’s much more challenging. But one thing’s true. Praise and celebration make a massive difference in staff engagement. Yet they’re often overlooked or forgotten in the everyday busyness of work.

Why is this? It’s such a simple thing to do. Maybe it’s cultural. In some places, it’s like praise and celebration have been engineered out of the fabric of the workplace. Or could it be down to our education system focusing more on weaknesses than strengths? According to Gallup, two-thirds of staff can’t recall recent praise or recognition. What a sad state of affairs!

You’ll find praise and celebration hard if you’re anything like me. They just don’t come naturally. Looking through the lens of Gallup Strengths, one of my top five strengths is ‘Achiever’. No surprise there. I’ve always driven myself hard and thrive on goals. But the ‘basement’ of this strength is forgetting to praise, say thank you or celebrate success. It just doesn’t occur to me.

So, what are you to do if it doesn’t come easily? How do you create a culture of praise and celebration in your business? 

E247 | Understanding Why We Do What We Do with Dr Helena Boschi

Why do we do the things we do? How did COVID truly affect our behaviour? Will our ability to empathise and connect with others ever fully recover? In a world of constant change and uncertainty, Dr Helena Boschi, a psychologist specialised in applied neuroscience, offers insight into how our brains are wired to react and cope, and helps us make some sense of why we do what we do.

In this episode, Dr Helena Boschi discusses why we do what we do, which is also the title of her book. She also talked about feedback, why we are doing it, and what the real impact is. She gives some interesting tips on how to do it, how it works, and how the brain absorbs the feedback we give people. We also learned about the entrepreneur’s brain and what drives them, the effect of COVID on our empathy and much more. 

Download and listen to learn more.

The Remarkable Leadership Podcast

The Remarkable Leadership Podcast with Kevin Eikenberry is dedicated to all things leadership. Each week Kevin shares his thoughts about leadership development and ideas to help you see the world differently, lead more confidently and make a bigger difference for those you lead. He also has weekly conversations with leadership experts discussing a wide range of topics including teamwork, organizational culture, facilitating change, personal and organizational development, human potential and more. 

7 keys to creating a culture of innovation

Fostering an innovation culture requires aligning values, policies, and procedures with the goal of continuous improvement. It’s a collaborative effort involving multiple organizational levels, operational units, and functions.

How a CEO Can Create Psychological Safety in the Room

As the CEO, your mere presence in a room dictates the power dynamic. The paradox of being a CEO is that your job is to encourage useful ideas, and yet your very presence can work against that objective. How, then, can you create high levels of psychological safety to promote the unencumbered exchange of ideas and unedited circulation of feedback? The author, who has worked with hundreds of CEOs over the past 25 years, offers 10 practical ways to make that happen.

A Survey of 31,000 Employees Shows 49 Percent Fear AI Will Steal Their Jobs. They’re Right to Worry

Almost half of employees–49 percent–fear they will lose their jobs to AI, according to a new survey commissioned by Microsoft. At the same time, 70 percent hope that AI will help them manage their ever-growing workloads instead.

Speed of Advance by Marty Groover

Speed of Advance (SOA): the speed of a ship anticipated along an intended track; the average speed required to arrive at a destination at a specified time. In the navy, nothing is left to chance. Every strategy is tested, every resource utilized with minimal excess and remarkable efficiency. This streamlined convergence of people, process, and technology is the pinnacle of productivity-and its benefits resonate far beyond military endeavors. As a surface warfare officer, Marty Groover spent more than two decades leading an intricate operational symphony of communications processes, computer systems, and weapons programs. Now, in Speed of Advance, Marty shares what he experienced in the navy firsthand: how to harness the power of technology to drive untouchable results. By eliminating damaging silos and increasing skill sets, Marty shows you how to create an enhanced, synchronized system between technology and the people who use it-a process that will lead you into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Quote of the week

“People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards.”

Dale Cargnegie

“The war for talent is fake news…”

And I can prove it to you. In the third chapter of my new book, Mind Your F**king Business, I show you how this ‘talent war’ delusion creeps into your company, and I help you rethink your talent acquisition strategy.

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