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Struggling to get your flywheel spinning? | Issue #235

How to tackle a lack of urgency in your business head-on 

You’ve just shared some financial data with the rest of your Executive Team. The auspices aren’t good. Your platform’s on fire and threatening to engulf your entire business. It’s clear to everyone that radical transformation is needed. Yet your team lacks any sense of urgency to do something about it. What should you do?

In our experience, transformation doesn’t happen in one fell swoop. There’s no single significant action, killer innovation, or miracle moment. Instead, it’s more like relentlessly pushing a giant, heavy flywheel. Turn by slow turn, you gradually build momentum until, at last, it starts to spin for itself.  

Recognise that change is hard. Really hard. 80% of heart attack victims resist any changes to their diet and lifestyle following their first attack. This is despite their GP giving them comprehensive recommendations. Your team must see the rationale for change to make lasting changes. They’ve got to want it. And you’ll need to drive through the changes until your flywheel starts to spin.

E240 | Creating Effective and Engaging Meetings with Mamie K. Stewart

Have you ever felt that you were wasting your time in a meeting? When we ask clients this question, all hands go up. Yet, everybody seems clear on what a good meeting looks like. Why is this? Our guest on The Melting Pot this week brings some light to this. 

This week we learned from Mamie K Stewart, host of The Modern Manager podcast, author of Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings and Founder of Meeteor, a training firm focused on improving the productivity of meetings. 

In this insightful conversation, Mamie tells us why she decided to write a book about meetings and gives us some tips on how to run great meetings in person and virtually. She also discusses how meetings are a reflection of your culture and your team dynamics, and what questions you should ask yourself before setting up a meeting.

Download and listen to learn more.

Finding Mastery

Finding Mastery takes you inside the minds of the world’s best athletes, business leaders, scientists, doctors, and artists, pushing the perception of what’s possible. This podcast pulls back the curtain on their self-discovery process and the mental skills that allow these people to be great — things like confidence, calm, grit, focus, trust, optimism, setting a vision for your life and more.

An Inspiring Big Hairy Audacious Goal: The Key To Long Term-Success

Our friend and Coach Ethan Martin shares their updated BHAG – “We made our BHAG measurable, and it is a result of a significant takeaway from our global Scaling Up coaching work – people flourish when they have a good job.”

How Far-Reaching Could the Four-Day Workweek Become?

After speaking with Henry Stewart at Happy one of the UK test companies on The Melting Pot here is a report on how far this movement might go.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Though CEO Kevin would still like to see the results in productivity of returning to work for the 5th day…

Why Leaders Need to Invest in Purpose

Workers want to feel engaged, not just well paid, says best-selling author Daniel Goleman.

Who Not How by Dan Sullivan

The bestselling, award-winning classic on how maverick companies have passed up the growth treadmill to focus on greatness, now in a revised and updated tenth-anniversary edition.
Have you ever had a new idea or a goal that excites you… but not enough time to execute it? What about a goal you really want to accomplish…but can’t because instead of taking action, you procrastinate? Do you feel like the only way things are going to get done is if you do them? But what if it wasn’t that way? What if you had a team of people around you that helped you accomplish your goals (while you helped them accomplish theirs)? When we want something done, we’ve been trained to ask ourselves: “How can I do this?” Well, there is a better question to ask. One that unlocks a whole new world of ease and accomplishment. Expert coach Dan Sullivan knows the question we should ask instead: “Who can do this for me?”. This may seem simple. And it is. But don’t let the lack of complexity fool you. By mastering this question, you will quickly learn how billionaires and successful entrepreneurs like Dan build incredible businesses and personal freedom.Veteran journalist Bo Burlingham takes us deep inside fourteen of these remarkable companies that have chosen to march to their own drummer. He shows the leaders of these small giants recognized the full range of choices they had about the type of company they could create and made the choice to pursue greatness by placing other goals ahead of getting as big as possible as fast as possible. And he shows how we can all benefit by questioning the conventional definitions of business success.” 

Quote of the week

“People who bring transformative change have courage, know how to re-frame the problem and have a sense of urgency.”

Malcolm Gladwell

Dominic Monkhouse

Dominic offers business coaching and management development, strategy planning and organisational change, using tried and tested methods to launch your organisation onto an unparalleled growth trajectory. His programme is a function of his broad experience, his deep expertise and a proven process used by over 2,700 firms worldwide.

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    Sign up today and get your copy of F**K PLAN B: How to scale your technology business faster and achieve Plan A, the book that will change your business and your life.

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