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The Melting Pot Newsletter – 06/07/2018

The Melting Pot Newsletter 11 - Featured Image

The team here at Foundry Media has got another jam-packed newsletter for you this week, full of articles with helpful tips and advice, including:

  • How we should be investing in ourselves a little more
  • 5 simple steps to self-management
  • Lessons in focus
  • I talk about why we need negative feedback in my blog this week
  • Plus, I get to chat to Alexandra Eavis about her mission to use tech to help the people who need it the most, in my podcast.

And if you want the newsletter to be sent direct to your inbox, then just drop me an email, or hit the subscribe button in the newsletter below.

Lessons In Focus, Self-Management, Constructive Feedback – it’s time for Dom Monhouse’s Melting Pot

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