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The Melting Pot Newsletter | #57


Simple question.  Does your business have the right people, doing the right things in the right way?  It’s common for businesses that are growing rapidly to have a lack of clarity around who’s doing what.  Important facets of the company get forgotten, with little or no ownership resulting in inefficiency and poor performance.  

Sometimes I visit organisations that don’t even have an org chart.  They tell me, ‘We’re growing so fast it isn’t worth doing’ or ‘The CEO’s allergic to them’.  I can sympathise with this. The problem with org charts is they only show reporting lines and not who’s accountable for important, customer-impacting, cross-functional processes.

It’s worth me spelling out the difference between responsibility and accountability here.  With accountability, the buck stops with you. You own the issue, task or role entirely. If it goes wrong, you admit that the fault lies with you. Conversely, responsibility can be shared.  You can work with a team of people to divide responsibility equally. Responsibilities are often given out by the accountable person.

So, it’s vital that you nail down accountabilities as early as you can in your business.  Instead of focusing on out-of-date org charts that give no clear definition, you need a new set of tools to navigate your way through.  This is where the Fourth Rockefeller Habit kicks in. So, what does it suggest?

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Making channel sales work and discussing Sandler training with David Davies

Wondering if your business could have a channel as a route to market? Maybe you could have 1, 10, even 100 salespeople selling your product or service?  Or perhaps you want your salespeople to be more effective, but you know that no one likes pushy salespeople – so where is the balance to be struck? Then you need to listen to Sandler trainer David Davies in this week’s episode of The Melting Pot.

“Having ‘salesperson’ on your business card does not make you a professional salesperson. And yet with all those millions and millions of pounds invested in sales, training, sales techniques and sales tactics, the results are the same today as they were when I started out.”

David has been in sales for over 35 years. He’s now a Sandler trainer based in Reading, Berkshire and the vast majority of the time he’s been involved in tech. But that doesn’t mean that what he’s got to say isn’t relevant to your industry, because David’s approach to sales is applicable whatever your business. 

“The Sandler sales methodology is a B2C business as much as a B2B business. It’s as much for the individual as it is for the organisation.”

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In survey after survey, the execution of carefully developed strategy comes in as a key problem that evades solution by executives. They acknowledge that they can’t seem to get it right. It’s one thing to design a strategy in the boardroom and quite another to get it operating at all levels of the organisation.

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