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The Melting Pot Newsletter | #59


Criticism. Sometimes it can be hard to take.  It’s so easy to get defensive and try to blame everyone else. And yet, to be successful in business, you need to build a culture that actively seeks criticism and insight from customers.  If you go looking for praise, you’ll find it. But it won’t take you anywhere. You won’t improve as a result of it.  

The sixth Rockefeller habit is all about pulling this thread together to make progress.  If you take a systematic approach, week in, week out, you’ll soon locate the pulse of your company, keeping your finger well and truly glued to it as time passes.

In my experience as a Scale-up Coach, I find clients are often insular and inward-focused. Their knowledge of their customers, competitors and operating environment is limited.  As we kick-start our strategy sessions, they tell me ‘We’re amazing at X’ but when we get down to the nuts and bolts of attribution mapping, they stumble over comparisons with competitors and their knowledge of core customer.

So how do you start to fill in these gaps?  By putting your customers centre-stage. Here are some surefire ways to make this happen.

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Finding a life rhythm

Have you ever wanted to just put a pin in your life, up sticks and travel the world with your family before it’s too late? Well, that’s just what Nigel Bennett did. 

Nigel is an entrepreneur. But not like any other entrepreneur we’ve had on the show. Where most people work hard, scaling up their business in order to sell it, Nigel – after taking mind-altering drugs deep in the Amazon rainforest – had an epiphany and decided not to sell. 

He is the founder and owner of Aqua-Guard’s environmental response services and equipment business. Aqua-Guard specialises in marine oil spill response. He’s also the author of “Take that Leap – Risking it all for what really matters”; the founder of TruBeach (an app and a mobile platform community for reporting coastline and ocean cleanliness) and he’s the co-founder of, an organisation that works to bring awareness to the actual gift of ADHD and dyslexia. 

This is a truly enlightening conversation – one we’re sure you’re going to enjoy. 

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