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Are your salaries transparent?

Why salary transparency is such a good thing

You’ve decided you want to hire some impressive new talent.  They’re the A-Players you’ve been searching for to help you grow your business.  Only trouble is, you need to pay them more than your current team.  The market’s red hot and there’s rampant salary inflation.  What do you do?

Don’t keep it secret.  That’s the worst thing you could do.  If you’ve ever worked in cyber security, you’ll know the best way for criminals to infect a system.  Produce some malware labelled ‘Your company name – Salaries for 2022′ and leave it lying around the office. Any member of staff who spots it is guaranteed to open it.

You can’t stop people talking about what they’re paid. Assume this is going to happen.  If this makes you, as CEO, nervous it’s time to take a long, hard look at your remuneration system.  Admit to yourself there may be unfairness and take steps to mitigate this.  The first one we recommend to our clients?  Salary transparency. Yes – the thought might send you into anaphylactic shock.  But unfairness around what you pay people may be the root of negativity in your organisation.

The Habit of Excellence with Lieutenant Colonel Langley Sharp MBE

The British Army is renowned for its outstanding leadership, and command and control. But what do they know about psychological safety? 

These are just a few of the many topics that come up in the conversation with Lieutenant Colonel Langley Sharp MBE, who heads up the Centre for Army Leadership. This is a unit that has, over the last five years, codified what leadership means in the British Army, and how to develop leaders within the Army. 

What are some of the principles of leadership in the Army? What is the difference between being a peacetime leader and a wartime leader? And what does training for adversity look like? 

From how you train people to make the right decisions to how the army has codified its leadership, this is a fantastic conversation with a first class leader. And if you think it’s not relevant to the world of business, you couldn’t be further from the truth. 

This is a really insightful conversation with Langley, we really enjoyed it. We’re sure you will too.

SuperCreativity Podcast with James Taylor

In the SuperCreativity™ podcast, creativity expert and innovation keynote speaker James Taylor interviews leading thinkers, innovators and performers and has them reveal their strategies and techniques to help you unlock your own creative potential.

When Autonomy Helps Team Performance — and When It Doesn’t

From GitHub to Google, companies are increasingly adopting policies that allow teams substantial autonomy over both who they work with and what they work on. This can help employees to feel greater levels of ownership over their work, thus boosting creativity and innovation — but recent research suggests it’s easy to take autonomy too far.

Be Intentional About How You Spend Your Time Off

Whether it’s the weekend or an upcoming holiday break, a number of studies have shown that people who set personal goals to achieve during their time off — such as seeing friends, pursuing a hobby, or even organizing a closet — report being happier than those who don’t.

Mastering the connection between strategy and culture

Business leaders often are tempted to focus on strategy over culture. But the strongest companies take four key actions that deliver the best of both.

Beyond Possible by Nimsdai Purja

In Beyond Possible Nimdai Purja tells the story of his life before his recent epic achievement of leading the team that scaled K2 in winter. He reveals how leadership, a willingness to learn, integrity and collaboration are essential qualities behind the world’s greatest mountaineering feats. Nimsdai is the first man ever to summit all 8000m ‘Death Zone’ peaks in less than 7 months, and this book reveals the man behind the climbs – how his early life in Nepal and Special Forces training made him the person to go beyond possible.

A man for all markets by Edward O. Thorp

In a remarkable career, Edward O. Thorp rose up from nothing to become a professor at MIT, invented card counting and the world’s first wearable computer, beat the casinos of Las Vegas at blackjack and roulette, then became a bestselling author and a hedge fund heavyweight, ushering in a revolution on Wall Street. Now he shares his incredible life story for the first time, revealing how he made his fortune and giving advice to the next generation of investors. An intellectual thrill ride, replete with practical wisdom, A Man for All Markets is a scarcely imaginable tale of ludicrous success.


Say thank you to your impact players before Christmas 

Loads of people spend time at home over Christmas thinking about whether their organisation is where they want it to be for next year. Think long and hard about who is indispensable in your business? Who couldn’t you afford to lose? Are you paying them at market rate? Write a list of who those impact players are and hand-write a note before they go home for Christmas to say thank you.

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Quote of the week

“Sometimes, to ensure that a talented individual will work for you, or will stay working with you, you need to be flexible. Money isn’t always the great motivator. Talented people want a good salary, but surprisingly often they are more attracted to new opportunities and challenges.”

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