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What makes a great sales manager? | Issue #252

The five essential qualities of a great sales manager

Top sales managers are a rare breed. You don’t come across them very often. And when you do find one, you need to hold onto them. They can make all the difference to your bottom line. You can fail at many things in business, but you can’t afford to fail at revenue.

Getting resource allocation right can be tricky. Our clients ask us when they should hire a sales manager. Research shows that once you have three sales reps, the fourth person you hire should be a sales manager. That additional resource allocation will get more out of the three reps than if you hired a fourth salesperson who was unmanaged.

And how many people can an excellent sales leader manage? Again, this resource allocation varies, but from experience, I’d say between five and eight. Go past this, and it’s challenging to fit in enough one-to-ones and coaching.

A great sales manager should spend most of their time coaching. Tracking data and mentoring their team to improve every day, week, quarter or year. So what are the five essential qualities of a great sales manager?

E258 | From Crisis To Calling: Redefining Midlife with Jeff Hamaoui

This week on The Melting Pot, we learned from Jeff Hamaoui, a seasoned social entrepreneur with a rich background in sustainable practices and innovative ventures. Cutting his teeth in the ever-evolving realm of green business, Jeff’s professional journey has seen him partnering with leading corporations like NASA, Nike, and Ikea. After a twenty-year stint in California spearheading various social initiatives, he co-founded the Modern Elder Academy. Drawing from his vast experience, Jeff now heads programming at the academy, using his knowledge to design impactful and immersive learning experiences.

In this episode, Jeff challenges the negative narratives and stereotypes about ageing. He argues that age is not a barrier to success and that older people have valuable resources, wisdom, and the potential to make a significant impact in the world. In fact, the data shows that the most successful enterprises in the US are actually started by people aged 45 and older. Jeff also discusses the need to reframe ageing and embrace the opportunities that come with it. He believes that as life expectancy increases, we need to reconsider what it means to get old and focus on taking care of physical health to ensure a longer health span.

Download and listen to learn more.


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Scaling with Purpose and Mastery – Phil Rose and Dominic Monkhouse

On a New episode of Sparks by Ignium, Scaling Up coaches Phil Rose and Dominic Monkhouse talked about the Scaling Up Master Business Course, emphasizing the significance of talent assessment and culture in building a strong foundation for a business.

Research: Why Employees Accept Lower Pay at Mission-Oriented Companies

Today’s companies are likely to tout how their work benefits human welfare or “makes the world a better place.” Recent research suggests that this may come with a potential financial drawback for workers, as it can inhibit them from negotiating for higher pay.

Overcoming Your Fear of Giving Tough Feedback

Fear of giving feedback? By avoiding it you are depriving your team of mentorship and growth opportunities. “Workplaces marked by poor communication and unclear expectations are breeding grounds for low trust and disengagement. Giving feedback is essential to being an effective leader. In this article, the author offers five ways to overcome your fear of giving feedback.”

How Your Leadership Influence Has Make A Big Impact

From shaping the culture and vision of your organisation to motivating and inspiring your team, your leadership has the potential to make a big impact. 

The Jolt Effect

In sales, the worst thing you can hear from a customer isn’t ‘no.’ It’s ‘I need to think about it.’ When this happens, deeply entrenched business advice says to double down on your efforts to sell a buyer on all the ways they might win by choosing you and your business. But this approach backfires dramatically. Why? Because it completely gets wrong the primary driver behind purchasing decision-making: once purchase intent is established, customers no longer care about succeeding. What they really care about is not failing. For years, sales expert Matthew Dixon has been busting longstanding business myths. Now in The JOLT Effect, he and co-author Ted McKenna turn their trademark analysis and latest research to the vital and growing problem of customer indecision – and offer a shocking new approach that turns conventional wisdom on its head.

Quote of the week

“The true genius of a great manager is their ability to individualize. A great manager is one who understands how to trip each person’s trigger.”

Marcus Buckingham

Dominic Monkhouse

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