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Why hire new sales talent during a recession? | Issue #216

Eight reasons why now is the perfect time to hire top sales talent

Once again, the UK is heading into a recession.  Inflation is breaking new records every week. There’s no end in sight to the misery in Ukraine.  Austerity cuts are looming, and consumers are tightening their belts.  With all this as a backdrop, businesses are braced for a bleak economic outlook. 

When this happens, I get reflective.  It colours the conversations I have with my Melting Pot podcast guests.  Take an episode I recorded last week with Rob Chapman, founder and co-CEO of Firebrand Training.  This is his fifth recession in 22 years.  And yet he’s not feeling any trepidation.  We talked about the things he would do differently this time around.  In previous recessions, he regretted cutting back on PR spend. Since then, he has always maintained this spending, even in the toughest times.

This made me think. What advice would I give a CEO starting a new business or scaling an existing one right now?  What would I have done sooner during the recessions I’ve lived and worked through?  For me, it’s one thing.  Hire top-level sales talent. Here’s why.

Change Your Organisational DNA and Bring Back Innovation Into Your Business with Ben M. Bensaou

There’s no secret that, in today’s business climate, innovation is the only way companies can maintain an advantage over their competitors. No matter the field or industry you position yourself in, if you manage to create extra value for your company and the customers your company serves, you are almost undoubtedly destined for success.

But, in order to achieve this holy grail and transform your organisation into an innovating engine, you first need to learn to listen to your customers and your employees and understand the role they play in helping you identify real problems and the right solutions for those problems.

Today’s guest on The Melting Pot is Ben M. Bensaou, professor and former Dean of Executive Education at INSEAD and business innovation thought leader. In his book, Built to Innovate- Essential Practices to Wire Innovation Into Your Company’s DNA, Ben shares the proven system for building relentless innovation and culture that he discovered while researching companies from all over the world. 

Download and listen to this fascinating episode!

Talks at Google

Talks at Google brings the world’s most influential thinkers, creators, makers, and doers all to one place. Every episode is taken from a video that can be seen at

The Three Pillars of World-class Corporate Innovation

Blog post by one of our podcast guests, Steve Blank, about the latest book from Alex Osterwalder and Tendayi Viki (another two of our podcast guests), From Innovation Theater to Growth Engine – a playbook to explain how to build and implement repeatable innovation processes inside a company. And it’s a free download.

Salaries at Slab

How do you make sense of global salary disparities? “Remote work has been a part of Slab’s roots since our earliest days. One reason we started Slab was to work with the best people—and we’ve always recognized that the very best talent doesn’t necessarily all reside in one city in California. Not being limited by location has allowed us to build a team that is more capable and diverse. Our compensation policy is designed to be transparent, fair, and competitive across geographies.” Great piece on the Slab blog. 

Scaling up: How founder CEOs and teams can go beyond aspiration to ascent

Here’s what we know about hyperscalers: they outperform industry peers, remain resilient during downturns, and maintain strong cash positions. They set the bar high for corporate performance, and they aren’t afraid to make bold moves. But how do they do these things? The authors pinpointed six factors that are crucial to the success of companies’ fast-growth expeditions.

Built to innovate by Ben M. Bensaou

Drive and leverage continuous innovation to meet the challenges of digital disruption, changing markets, evolving customer needs, and increasingly fierce competition. A major question on the mind of every business leader today is: What can I do to create extra value for my company and the customers we serve? Built to Innovate takes you through the process of answering this critical question and executing it with skill and precision. It explores the nine essential practices of the world’s most innovative organizations―including BASF, Starwood Hotels, Domino’s Pizza, Bayer, Marvel Studios, Allianz, and Whirlpool―and demonstrates how to leverage them in real and practical ways. You’ll learn how to drive innovation in product design and creative use of technology―as well as “in the weeds” business activities, such as business model redesign, customer service, distribution, finance, talent development, and sales.

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Quote of the week

“The secret to my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.”

Steve Jobs

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