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The Melting Pot Podcast with Alain Falys

It won’t be long until cash disappears — it’s so much easier paying by card, or even by phone these days, and the figures are backing that up. We’ve heard recently how debit card payments have overtaken cash use for the first time.

Alain Falys is one man who knows the power of digital payment. He’s the co-founder of Yoyo Wallet, the fastest growing mobile payment and loyalty payment marketing platform in Europe. And I’ve been talking to Alain for my podcast this week.

In The Melting Pot he explains more about how the Yoyo app works, and how it’s offering a way for companies (Cafe Nero is one of those using the service) to get to know their customer better and tailor loyalty offerings specifically to them.

Plus, Alain talks about Brexit and how FinTech companies with an international outlook with weather the storm better, blockchain and new emerging technologies.

You can also now listen to The Melting Pot Podcast through iTunes and Stitcher.

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