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Agile Business Coaching

Does your company have what it takes to become agile?

We believe that to successfully scale up a business, every member of the team needs to be aligned behind the company’s strategy and values. To become “agile”, it takes the CEO of the business to lead the organisational changes that will then generate an impact on the company’s culture. For that, the entire team needs to be open to change.

To achieve rapid, significant, and sustainable growth, every department of your company, from the senior leadership team to a member of staff, has to play an active role in the shift in perspective.

Agile Business Coaching

The Agile Manifesto is built upon 12 principles or beliefs. Those principles rest under 5 clear pillars:

  1. Iterative – 90-day sprints to produce workable deliverables. No more 5-year plans.
  2. Empirical – Transparent, measurable results aligned with key goals.
  3. Cross-Functional – Clear alignment of different functions and goals.
  4. Focused – Doing less while being more accountable for outcomes.
  5. Continually Improving – Building a business is a work in progress.

Five secrets of success for agile scale-ups

  1. It starts at the top.
    The CEO casts a long shadow. Change won’t happen without the commitment from the leaders of an organisation. Meeting rhythms, new communication norms and other behaviours need to be modelled top down.
  2. It takes time.
    There is no magic bullet. It can take iterations over eight quarters of deliberate practice to move the organisation from feeling awkward to creating new habits.
  3. There will be a tipping point.
    The company will go from willing to change to actually taking up the challenge and embracing the new ways of working.
  4. Measure the right things.
    The ultimate goal is to improve the business. Selecting the right catalytic mechanisms and a single profit per X are key decisions on the journey.
  5. It is never over.
    At its heart, Agile Scaling Up is about creating an environment in which your people get to do their best work. It is a way to run and continually improve your business.

As an experienced and certified Scaling Up™ Coach, Dominic can help you implement agile principles, resulting in higher team productivity and morale, better quality products and services, and lower risk than other, more traditional business management approaches.

Dominic Monkhouse

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