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Scale your technology business faster

We are a business coaching company. We help leaders with vision to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from achieving their full potential

If you’re a go-getting business leader ready to scale up your business quickly, you can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Dominic Monkhouse – an experienced business coach Seattle businesses can learn from to develop their management thinking and see powerful results faster.

With a background as a managing director, Dominic now works with businesses as an executive coaching specialist in management development and leadership coaching, strategic planning and organizational change. Based in the UK, Dominic offers business coaching in Seattle and rest of the US to help businesses reach their goals seamlessly.

His tried and tested leadership coaching methodologies have been developed from a combination of his broad commercial experience and industry expertise, and a proven process that nearly 3,000 companies use globally.

Which coaching methodology do we use?

Dominic is one of many leadership coaches around the world who use Harnish’s proven Scaling Up methodology of strategic planning, which is based on Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. This methodology includes specific tools to build growth, such as developing a cultural foundation, understanding your core customer in order to flesh out your One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP) and implementing growth strategies with an effective execution framework. Seattle businesses can scale up and achieve goals without wasting time when they’re guided by established coaching practices.

If you’re based in Seattle and would like to benefit from Dominic’s coaching expertise, get in touch today.

Founder Dominic Monkhouse grew Rackspace to $40m in 5 years creating 150 new jobs and then did it again with Peer 1 growing it from zero to $40m in 5 years creating 120 high skill high salary roles in Southampton. Once is luck, twice isn’t.

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What our clients have to say

Dominic is very approachable and has a great ear – managing to get me thinking about things that affect and are affected by my behaviour that no one has been able to do before. Always look forward to the 1:1 sessions I had with him.

Chris Dean, New Signature

Dom’s various experiences and knowledge are second to none. His radical candor provides a refreshing and honest influence on me, and it inspires me to behave similarly. I feel I’ve learnt so much from him, and I’m hungry to learn more!

Kevin Macdonald, Managing Partner, Wirehive

After five months working with Dominic, we’ve grown 500% – and that’s actually an understatement! So, a 100% monthly growth is what I expect him to continue to deliver.

Terry Pattinson, Director Enable Network Services

Dominic has a wealth of knowledge which seems to tumble out in fluid conversations, enhancing the experience even more and to such an extent that I have learnt the diligence to quickly take notes so as to not miss the moment of added learning.

Tom Frame, Group MD, Etch and BigRadical

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