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We help ambitious business leaders reach their full potential

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Leading a business shouldn’t be that hard. If you don’t have a sustainable business model, you risk losing the best people in your organisation

We can help you accelerate your growth, spend less time doing things you don’t enjoy and work in a business that you love.

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Build trust in your team

20%+ Growth year over year

We know how hard leading a scaling
business might seem

We’ve been there.


Track record scaling two UK tech firms from zero to £30m in just five years


We’ve helped more than 100 business leaders reach clarity on their goals


We have 100% 10 out of 10 for workshop value

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Modern challenges
we help you overcome

We help business leaders in London, UK and worldwide to overcome their challenges through our workshops, strategy sessions and coaching programmes

What our clients say

“We’ve grown between 50-100% year on year”

Robert Belgrave,

‘Within the first five months, we experience 500% growth’

Terry Pattinson
Director, Enable Network Services

‘What you get from Dominic’s experience is invaluable’

Brian Welsh
Chairman, Insight Legal

FX Digital


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The first step to build the foundations for rapid and sustainable growth

Scaling Up virtual course

Breakthrough your “plateaus”. Grow and scale, with less drama

2 Day strategy workshop off-site

Identify and address the real challenges confronting your business

Get insight. Your growth. Your pace.

If you’re not ready to start coaching with us yet, we have other ways to help you start your journey.

Weekly Insights From The Management Lab

Get a weekly dose for a healthy and sustainable growth, to build a happier team and be a better leader.

The Melting Pot

Discover the five core principles for success and the 10 point plan for scaling up your business.

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Scale Your Business

Answer 10 challenging questions and discover if your business is going to crush it or get crushed.

Get your own growth report with customised insights that will help you to identify the main challenges that may prevent your business from scaling up.

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