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Forged in success

Monkhouse & Company partners with CEOs and leadership teams of growth-minded organisations, focusing on scaling operations. Dominic Monkhouse, leveraging his extensive experience and proven methodology, understands the critical link between the development of leaders and business success. This approach ensures tailored growth strategies aligning with personal and organisational objectives.

Dominic has a track record of growing award-winning technology service businesses as a Managing Director, successfully expanding two UK firms from no revenue to £30 million within a span of five years.

At Rackspace, Dominic led the EMEA team’s growth to 150 team members and increased revenue to £30 million. He’s especially proud of making Rackspace an outstanding workplace in Europe, winning service awards for Fanatical Support®. This experience highlighted for him the importance of establishing a strong communication rhythm to align the organisation, marking the start of his deep engagement with the Rockefeller Habits.

Dominic’s tenure as UK Managing Director at Rackspace saw customer lifetime value skyrocket to £200,000, largely due to the strategic use of tools like the Net Promoter System (NPS) to enhance their Fanatical Support®. This approach, focusing on incremental changes and leveraging specific, effective tools, underpinned the company’s agile transformation and significant growth. This experience, particularly in applying practical tools for growth and customer satisfaction, is highly valued by clients seeking similar success.

Following his success at ITLab, Dominic joined Peer 1 Hosting, aiming to create a formidable competitor to Rackspace, on the condition of establishing the EMEA HQ in Southampton, which he humorously dubbed “the Vancouver of the UK.” Under his leadership, Peer 1 Hosting launched with the “One-Call Promise” service mantra and the motto “Every Interaction Matters,” marking another chapter of innovative customer service in Dominic’s career.

At Peer 1, Dominic spearheaded growth, taking the UK business to £30 million and the global business from C$90 million to C$200 million in five years, earning numerous workplace accolades. He credits business coaching for the executive team as pivotal to their success. The company was sold for C$635 million in his fourth year, leading Dominic to leave in May 2014, driven by a desire to share his expertise with others.

Since 2014, Dominic has been a Certified Scaling Up Business Coach, leveraging his extensive experience and operational expertise to aid CEOs in scaling their tech businesses. Monkhouse & Company’s coaching programmes combine proven processes adopted by over 2,700 firms globally to equip late-stage start-ups and fast-growth SMB tech firms with the necessary tools and best practices to scale faster, more profitably and with less drama.


Understanding how to find our A players, keeping those we want to grow and losing those too toxic to stay has been a real challenge, yet game changer for us at Excelsior. It was through Dominic introducing high-quality tools validated through his own strategic practice in business which has made all this possible, actually happen and making such a difference.

The management team I initially brought for Dominic’s assistance was divided by entrenched positions, and I was surprised by the amount of consensus he was able to generate from the assembled executives. I appreciated Dominic’s combination of a wide knowledge of the field, with the ability to cherry-pick from business literature the theory or exercise of most immediate practical use to our team.

Ben Crawford, CEO, CentralNic Plc

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