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Building Trust | Enhancing Communication | Encouraging Performance

The Executive Team Coaching Programme could be the right choice for you if:


  • You need to develop stronger, more effective team dynamics. Fostering better communication, understanding, and trust among executive team members contributes to a more cohesive and unified leadership group.
  • You wish to remove your leadership team’s negative behaviours, directly addressing issues such as gossip, siloes, poor communication, resentments and ego-driven behaviours that obstruct collaboration.
  • You seek to enhance each team member’s leadership capabilities, identify and develop individual strengths, address weaknesses, and foster continuous personal and professional growth.
  • You are looking for tools and frameworks that enhance the team’s ability to make strategic decisions, solve complex problems, and navigate the challenges of guiding a rapidly evolving organisation.

What is Leadership Team Coaching?

Executive team coaching is a process designed to improve the effectiveness and performance of leadership teams in organisations. It goes beyond individual coaching by focusing on the team, strengthening their dynamics and collaboration.

“No company outperforms its leadership team.”

Dominic Monkhouse

The coach acts as a guide and facilitator, helping the team identify their strengths, address challenges, and work together more effectively to achieve their goals.


What makes it different from individual coaching? 

While individual coaching focuses on personal development and leadership skills, executive team coaching takes a holistic approach by considering the team’s interpersonal dynamics, communication patterns, and shared goals.

It aims to:

  • Improve communication and collaboration: Build trust, foster open dialogue, and address communication roadblocks.
  • Align strategies and decisions: Facilitate consensus building, ensure clarity and alignment around goals, and improve strategic decision-making.
  • Increase cohesion and trust: Enhance teamwork, address interpersonal conflicts, and build a more unified and collaborative team culture.
  • Boost performance and accountability: Develop shared metrics for success, hold each other accountable, and drive increased results.


Here are some benefits of executive team coaching:

  • Improved decision-making and execution
  • Enhanced innovation and creativity
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Stronger leadership and accountability
  • Improved team member engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduced conflict and improved team dynamics

When might it be beneficial?


  • When a team is newly formed or experiencing change
  • When the team is facing critical challenges or strategic decisions
  • When communication or collaboration is dysfunctional
  • When there is low trust or morale within the team
  • When the team wants to improve its overall performance and effectiveness



Why opt for Executive Team Coaching?


Leaders set the tone for the entire organisation. A high-performing leadership team establishes the cultural standard and is essential for the organisation’s overall performance.


Every programmeis tailored to meet the specific needs of the client. However, some critical phases are typically involved in the lifecycle of a leadership team coaching process. The example below shows these programmes’ potential content and structure.


The initial stage is the discovery phase, where we aim to understand you and your team better. This typically involves individual interviews and a detailed questionnaire. Our goal is to collect vital information, such as each member’s perspective on their role, their views on the team’s performance, their perception of the team’s identity, and their ideas for improvements or changes. This information will lay the groundwork for structuring the team coaching sessions.


The design phase is also carried out in consultation with you. We work together to plan the leadership team coaching event to tailor it exactly to your needs.


Usually, the programme starts with a focused 2-day off-site, delivered at our dedicated retreat venue, The Management Lab @ Foundry Farm, is strategically located in the New Forest, specifically designed for facilitating impactful management sessions. The primary objectives of this retreat are to forge stronger connections among team members, define the team’s purpose clearly, and establish consensus on future working methods and practices.

A psychometric tool like Working Genius or Kolbe can deepen team awareness and understanding. Practical team exercises help uncover interpersonal dynamics and behavioural trends. Developing a team charter is crucial; it should encompass the team’s mandate, vision for success, core values, and operational methods.

After this initial two-day session, we will have regular executive team coaching sessions. Options include one-day sessions quarterly for a year or 2 full-day sessions per quarter over 18 months. The schedule and length of these sessions are tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements.


We stay actively engaged with you throughout the process, attentively gathering and addressing your feedback. We conclude with a reflective session to evaluate and learn from each session.


In team coaching, the quality of the relationship is crucial. Our coaches are adept at managing strong personalities and diverse agendas. They deeply understand group psychology, leadership theories, and the client’s business needs. Their experience in executive coaching and facilitation, combined with firsthand leadership experience, equips them to address the unique challenges leadership teams face.

Ready to dig deeper?


Share your company objectives with us, and we’ll suggest a suitable coach from our team.

Following this, you’ll have an introductory call to confirm a fit.

You’ll get:

  • Twelve months of executive team coaching with a specialist Monkhouse & Company executive team coach
  • Quarterly team sessions
  • Monthly check-ins with interim WhatsApp
  • Email, and phone support.

From £4,400 per month

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