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Top 10 business podcasts

There’s always so much to know, discover and learn. That’s why I love podcasts. They feed my brain with new information, perspectives and insights. Whether I’m out jogging, travelling, walking the dog or picking up the kids, I’ll tune in to expand my understanding of the world around me. With over 50 on my playlist, each year I compile my current top 10. In alphabetical order:

  1. 16z Podcast
  2. At The Table with Patric Lencioni
  3. Follow Your Different with Christopher Lochhead
  4. Disrupt Yourself with Whitney Johnson
  5. Eat Sleep Work Repeat
  6. Elevate with Robert Glazer
  7. How I Work
  8. The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish
  9. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
  10. Secret Leaders

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