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Scaling Up Online Coaching

The Scaling Up Online Coaching Programme might be for you if you are:

  • Feeling exhausted by growth instead of energised
  • Troubled and can’t sleep over market fluctuations and frequent staff changes
  • Burdened with the overwhelming responsibility of your company
  • Facing relentless obstacles on your path to scaling
  • Uncertain if your team has the necessary expertise for upcoming growth challenges

Please check out our leadership team coaching section for coaching aimed at creating a high-performance leadership team.

Get in touch with us to tailor the Scaling Up course specifically to your company’s unique challenges!



Why opting for Online Implementation is the best strategy for Scaling Up

Following the tremendous success of the Scaling Up Master Business Course 2.0, our partners at the Growth Institute have taken a step further by developing a specialised programme with us.

This allows us to engage your entire team.

How often have you found yourself halting midway or struggling to even start a new system implementation due to a lack of accountability, support, guidance, or direction?

This is no longer an issue!

We have crafted this programme with Verne Harnish, the world’s foremost expert in scaling up and the author of the bestselling ‘Scaling Up’, to address these challenges head-on.

Verne’s renowned Scaling Up Methodology has successfully aided over 70,000 businesses globally in their scaling efforts. In this program, Phil, Karol, Hugh, and Dominic will lead you and your team through a customised programme, helping you create your One-Page Strategic Plan.

We Understand the Challenge

The journey of scaling a business is formidable, laden with hurdles, unknowns, and immense pressures that challenge even the most experienced entrepreneurs.

Each coach in our course has firsthand experience in tackling these difficulties. They’ve shouldered the burden of critical scaling decisions, navigated the uncertainties of expansion, and experienced the stress of aligning every team member with the company’s vision.

You’re in good company on this journey

Our role extends beyond mere instruction; we’re here to guide you meticulously through the complexities of scaling your business.

We aim to serve as your steady voice of reassurance, the experienced hand to hold, and your veteran mentors, always prepared to offer wisdom and steer you in the right direction at crucial moments.

Meet Your Coaches

Dominic Monkhouse

Dominic Monkhouse
Business Coach and CEO Mentor

Dominic Monkhouse is a proven architect of business growth.

With a track record of scaling two UK technology companies from zero to £30 million in just five years, Dominic learned the execution systems that worked, made plenty of mistakes and discovered innovative strategies that disrupted competitors.

Having left a legacy of growth and accolades, Dominic traded his own success for a higher calling: guiding other leaders to shape their own impactful legacies.

Since 2014, Dominic has worked as a business coach and CEO mentor, helping ambitious B2B tech CEOs and their leadership teams reach their full potential and achieve sustainable growth.

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Philip Rose

Philip Rose
Business Coach

Philip’s passion is to inspire people to find their purpose, step up, scale up and change.

He started his career as an aerospace engineer with Rolls-Royce before moving into the automotive world with Cosworth and Audi AG. Phil has worked as a coach and strategy consultant since 2005 and is an accredited Scaling Up and Executive and Business Coach with experience working across a range of industries and markets ranging from automotive to property and food to technology.

Outside of work, Phil keeps fit by running, swimming and cycling. In 2020 he completed his 10th marathon (and 5th London Marathon for which he holds a Guinness World Record) …once again raising money for Children with Cancer in the UK.

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Hugh Gyton

Hugh Gyton
Business Coach

Hugh Gyton is focused on helping his clients rapidly scale up their businesses whilst still enjoying the journey.

Prior to becoming a coach Hugh spent 20+ years in England, Australia, and Asia climbing the corporate ladder and growing computer software companies.
Since 2002 he has facilitated and coached senior executives and their teams in companies of all sizes, from $1m turnover to ASX 200, and across multiple industry sectors. Hugh has always enjoyed excellent feedback and results, ensuring his clients engage and commit to making positive changes when leaving the room. Walking out with new skills and capability and an intention to apply them back in the workplace to increase personal and organisational performance. He is Certified in coaching Scaling Up, Metronomics, and as a Speaking Professional.

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Karol Popa

Karol Popa
Business Coach

Karol is a Scaling Up Certified Coach helping entrepreneurs create mechanics for predictable growth in their business.

As a shareholder and a member of the board, Karol helped to take Cludo from the startup stage to the mid-market firm, doubled the company size, and grew its valuation from 7M to 30M.

Working with companies from the technology sector, Karol uses the Scaling Up methodology along with other tools such as Net Promoter Score, OKRs framework, and Gallup Clifton Strengths to help leaders scale their business.

Karol is a growth enthusiast. He loves to acquire new, useful knowledge and help others use it. He’s an activator who provides the energy needed to turn an idea into action. His Clifton Strengths are Strategic, Activator, Learner, Responsibility, and Relator.

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“Leading an organisation can be a lonely task and having someone like Dominic to bounce ideas, problems and opportunities off with the experience he has, is both invaluable and comforting. We have introduced a methodology into our UK business with Dominic’s help that has created a growth and measurement engine that we are proud of.”


Global Growth Markets Cloud lead at Cognizant

“Running a SME in a competitive market, I was looking for a game changer and as if by magic I was introduced to Hugh and his Scaling Up principles. Several coffees later, we decided to run with the Rockefeller habits and use Hugh as our Scaling Up coach. Everything we thought would never happen now runs like clockwork and I have an Aligned business that is pursuing ambitious goals and ultimately a nice BHAG. Great to know you Hugh and sorry for calling you Guy all the time!”


Managing Director at Light Culture Australia

“What sets Phil apart is the combination of business and personal coaching experience, blended to give you focus on what you need from work and personal life. The two are not separate, and being able to discuss and understand better your relationship with both is a powerful one. If you are hitting that stage of your career where your previous goals no longer seem to work for you, Phil will help you understand why, allow you to explore alternatives and find a new approach. Thoroughly recommended!”


Director at bChannels

The investment

For Small Teams


Price per seat £1,830

    • ✔ 14 Live Coaching calls
    • ✔ 8 Core Modules
    • ✔ Scaling Up Toolkit Included
    • ✔ 2 Q&A Sessions with Verne
    • ✔ Global Peer Community
    • ✔ 2 Bonus Calls to Dive Deep into People & Cash

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