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E113 | Amplifying Your Content with Beck Power

If you have bucket loads of content that you regularly share with your audience across your social media platforms, but it’s not getting any traction, or if you don’t have content and you need some, then you need Beck Power. 

Beck is the queen of repurposing existing content to keep you front of mind for your audience. 

Today’s conversation isn’t about how to be globally strategic with an author, this is a tactical how-to conversation with somebody who enables others.

So if you’re wondering how, in the age of content is king, you can possibly create enough content to feed the beast AND still run your business, then Beck has the answers you’ve been seeking. 

Beck is a leading content marketer and the founder of the Amp Content Academy, the HQ for making more relevant, consistent content and leveraging it into opportunities and clients.

Her podcast “Amplify Content” and her content marketing agency help coaches, speakers and authors create and spread more powerful content across social media, grow their audiences and connect with their ideal clients.

So if you’re wondering how to take your first steps to build your brand and your authority. How to turn yourself into a key person of influence in your industry. If you’re curious what the minimum viable product you need is. How you can get started with a podcast or at the very least, how you can get yourself on someone else’s podcast, and how to take that content and amplify it, then this is the conversation for you. 

On today’s podcast:

  • How to start a podcast
  • How a content marketing agency can be authentically you
  • How to do email marketing
  • Finding your target audience
  • Social media marketing tools
  • Creating evergreen content


How To Amplify Your Content with Beck Power

If you have content that you want to share with your audience but you don’t have the time to post every day, or if you don’t have the content but you want to create it, or if you have the content and you’ve shared it, but to no avail, then you might need Beck Power. 

Beck is a leading content marketer and the founder of the Amp Content Academy, the HQ for making more relevant, consistent content and leveraging it into opportunities and clients.

If you’re a managing director of a company or a key person of influence in your industry, and you’re wondering how to take your first steps toward building your brand and your authority, making you a key person of influence in your industry, then Beck is the person who could help you. 

From establishing the minimum viable product to starting your own podcast, to what the production schedule looks like for a podcast, even how to get on somebody else’s podcast and then how to take that content and amplify it, Beck has the answers that you need.

Content marketing agency

How do you know that Beck is the right person for you? 

“Most of our clients are coaches. But we also work with a lot of business owners, authors, speakers, people with personal brands, a lot of people who have online businesses, but really suck at getting things out onto social media regularly.”

How can they be authentically you on your social channels when they aren’t you? 

Well, Beck and her team take YOUR content and turn that into multiple pieces of content. 

“They just send us their content, we do it all. We post it all every day because it’s so important that your clients or potential clients see your face and hear your voice as often as possible so that they will be amenable when you give them an offer.”

What content is Beck talking about? 

“We would use existing podcast interviews that they already have. Maybe they have a live video show every week on their Facebook group, well that content can be repurposed, maybe they have their own podcast.”

Amplify your content

But what if you’ve already shared your podcast or your video or your blog post?

This is where Beck and her team can help. You may post the link to your podcast on your socials and in the blink of an eye that 45 minutes of content gets swallowed up with only 4-5 likes on it. 

“What we do is pull the golden nuggets out of each episode. And then we use it to keep promoting the podcast or whatever it is that you want to promote. So you could lead people back to the original episode, or you could lead them to a landing page, just using these little clips.”

How to do a podcast

Beck’s advice to anyone thinking about starting a podcast? Have a think about your strategy and how long you’re going to do the podcast for, what type of people you want to interview, what you’ll be talking about, what type of format you want the podcast to take. Do you want to do just a voice recording or a video too? 

“When you start a podcast, it’s not going to go to that many people, you’re going to have to get better and practice and work on your interviewing skills and work on any tech stuff and build landing pages and show notes and all those types of things. Well, you’re not going to do that in the first episode.”

But, says Beck, practice makes perfect. You just have to start somewhere. 

How to find your audience

This depends on your industry – some people will do really well on Instagram, others on LinkedIn, while others will ‘kill it’ on TikTok. You have to figure out where your audience is and then fish where you know they’ll bite. 

“Any business is only as good as the hole that they’re fishing in, right. So if you’re fishing in the wrong part of the lake, some Canadian metaphors for you, if you’re fishing in the wrong part of the lake, you won’t catch the fish, there’s just no fish.”

And no, you don’t need to be on every platform to find people. You need to figure out which platform suits your audience. 

“When you’re starting out, who’s got time to be on eight different platforms and figuring out their branding on each one and posting, especially with things like Twitter, where you post it, and seven seconds later, it’s gone. So really picking the right platform based on your industry and where your audience is is important.”

Third-party posting tools

Beck advises against using third party posting tools to post on social for you because she believes the social media algorithms prefer natively uploaded content over-scheduled content. But if in the beginning, it helps you out, then do it. Use tools such as Hootsuite, Agorapulse, Buffer or Appsumo.

What content should you create?

There are four things, says Beck:

  1. Personal content i.e. you and your dog
  2. Value-based content i.e. BLM or women’s rights for example
  3. Frameworks i.e. teach your audience something
  4. Bridging content i.e. case studies, testimonials, reviews etc

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