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Meet Dominic Monkhouse, experienced London business coach

Dominic is a former managing director with an enviable track record who now works as an executive business coaching specialist in management development and leadership coaching, strategic planning and organisational change. Based in the United Kingdom, he has a track record of helping company owners grow businesses both at home and abroad achieving successful scale-ups.

Our UK wide coaching company practices are led by Dominic’s tried and tested leadership coaching methodologies are the result of his wide commercial experience combined with deep expertise, together with a proven process that is used by nearly 3,000 companies worldwide.

Dominic Monkhouse - Business Coach in London

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Are you ready to change your business? Are you an ambitious, thirsty learner with a big vision, viewing 30-40% annual growth as healthy and fun?

Under the guidance of experienced business and executive coach Dominic Monkhouse, leaders can learn to bring a fresh, new perspective to their management thinking and scale up rapidly and with less drama.

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Are you struggling to get your team to focus on the things that matter in your business? Do you need help designing a clear path and strategy for growth? Are you serious about developing strategies for overcoming the challenges facing your business?

Are you ready to start refining your focus on the most important parts of your business to help it scale? Are you ready to establish a clear path and strategy for growth? Are you ready to pinpoint the strategies for overcoming your current business obstacles?

If the answer is yes, then look no further than our workshops and virtual courses.

We’ll design a bespoke approach for you to meet your business goals and help position your team for continued success.

Scaling Up virtual course

Breakthrough your “plateaus”. Grow and scale, with less drama

2 Day strategy workshop off-site

Identify and address the real challenges confronting your business

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Dominic’s Top Tip


Many businesses struggle with giving and receiving feedback. Yet it’s crucial to building an accountable culture. We suggest using tools such as ‘Stop, Start, Continue’, which will help your managers navigate their discomfort around tricky conversations about poor performance.

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We know how hard leading a scaling
business might seem

We’ve been there.


Track record scaling two UK tech firms from zero to £30m in just five years


We’ve helped more than 100 business leaders reach clarity on their goals


We have 100% 10 out of 10 for workshop value

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What is business coaching?

At its core, business coaching is the art of unleashing potential. It guides entrepreneurs, CEOs, Founders, and their teams to tread the delicate balance of nurturing people, honing skills, and crafting a journey where every step leads them to their North Star of success. Unlocking impactful skills: master strategic thinking, cultivate a haven of psychological safety, fuel a winning mindset, set inspiring goals, and craft a value proposition that’s simply irresistible. We coach teams to win in business.


How does coaching work?

Coaching is more than strategy; it’s alchemy. Transforming aspirations into gold, doubts into stepping stones, and challenges into tales of triumph. Our coaching team wields a potent arsenal of tools and exercises primed to unearth the solutions you seek. There are books to read and homework, but mostly it’s learning through doing. Ready to uncover the magic within?


Who is coaching for?

You! We work with entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs seeking to elevate their leadership teams to unlock freedom. Coaching is for the relentless, those who won’t settle for normal or average and who thirst to create the pathway from dreams to reality. Ambition is more important than firm size.


What experience does Dominic Monkhouse have?

In business Dominic Monkhouse was the driving force behind two tech giants, propelling them from zero to a staggering £30m+. Then saw a team breaking its own records, surging from $90 million to $200 million, exiting for $635m. Not forgetting the comeback story of a company once teetering on the brink, celebrating a £26 million victory.

Dominic Monkhouse has mentored a remarkable roster of over 100 CEOs, founders, and their teams for almost a decade in coaching, guiding them towards unparalleled focus and clarity. He boasts coaching credentials from renowned institutions, including Scaling Up, Gallup, and The Table Group.


What are the benefits of business coaching by MONKHOUSE & COMPANY?

Our clients experience the change that empowers their scale-up journey. Delivering enhancements in revenue, EBITDA, client delight and team member happiness.

Strategy – Create and execute unique business strategies to guide growth.
Culture – Cultivate an award-winning culture that aligns your purpose, mission and values.
Adaptability (Innovation) – Innovative approaches to stay ahead in an evolving marketplace.
Leadership – Build high-performance teams for operational excellence.
Exit Readiness – Valuation assessment and operational efficiency review
Unleashing Potential – Maximising the organisation’s and its individuals’ potential.
Progress – Setting clear goals, measuring results, and maximising resources.


What London business coaching do you offer?


We offer outcomes and services such as leadership development, organisational transformation, strategic planning, collective coaching, team optimisation, and personal growth. Our primary aim is to foster enduring capability development.


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Read our success story from London

based client – Robert Belgrave, CEO EMEA PAX8

“Since starting coaching the business has been growing somewhere between 50 and 100% year on year. For the first seven or eight years of that journey as Wirehive, that was organic growth. Since being acquired by Pax8, we’re now part of a venture funded, and extremely fast growing global operation. Dominic and his team fitted into that journey and helped keep us on that amazing growth trajectory that we’ve experienced over the last decade. Rapid growth has definitely been a feature of every year since we started working together. I think you can definitely build a great business without coaching, but it certainly makes it a lot easier. Having somebody who’s not in the weeds of the everyday challenges of running a business and giving you fresh perspectives is something incredibly valuable, and that’s certainly something that Dom’s contributions gave us over the years.” 

Robert Belgrave,  CEO EMEA PAX8, London

pax8 Monkhouse

What our clients say

“We’ve grown between 50-100% year on year”

Robert Belgrave,

‘Within the first five months, we experienced 500% growth’

Terry Pattinson
Director, Enable Network Services

‘What you get from Dominic’s experience is invaluable’

Brian Welsh
Chairman, Insight Legal

Get insight. Your growth. Your pace.

If you’re not ready to start coaching with us yet, we have other ways to help you start your journey.

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By appointment only:

101 Ferraro House,  149 Walworth Road, London SE17 1RW

020 8164 2308

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Sign up today and get your copy of F**K PLAN B: How to scale your technology business faster and achieve Plan A, the book that will change your business and your life.

    Receive Dominic Monkhouse’s expertise in your inbox every week

    Sign up today and get your copy of F**K PLAN B: How to scale your technology business faster and achieve Plan A, the book that will change your business and your life.

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