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Driving Unstoppable Growth

“We’ve grown between 50-100% year on year”

Robert Belgrave,

‘Within the first five months, we experienced 500% growth’

Terry Pattinson
Director, Enable Network Services

‘What you get from Dominic’s experience is invaluable’

Brian Welsh
Chairman, Insight Legal

FX Digital

“We call Dominic
our Magician”

It’s been two years since we started working with Dom. Since then, we’ve grown nearly 150% and have won HR Asia’s Best Companies to Work two years in a row. We’re also Great Place To Work certified, with a culture audit score among the top 1% of companies globally. To top it all off, our NPS score now averages 87. Achieving all this in just two years seems magical – hence why now at Smartsourcing, we call Dom our ‘magician’.

Mike Selfe, Founder of Smartsourcing

Mike Selfe

“Leading an organisation can be a lonely task and having someone like Dominic to bounce ideas, problems and opportunities off with the experience he has, is both invaluable and comforting. We have introduced a methodology into our UK business with Dominic’s help that has created a growth and measurement engine that we are proud of.”


Global Growth Markets Cloud lead at Cognizant

“We attended one of Dom’s workshops in 2022. We already had a consultancy business, but it wasn’t core to our strategy and, frankly, our salesforce was giving it away more often than selling it. It was clear that we needed to not only repackage our Services offerings but change our approach. We needed to have belief in the value of our IoT knowledge to the customer and the courage to charge for it. It’s early days, but we now lead with Services in every deal and sell the true value of our knowledge to their situation.

To give one example, since the workshop we have secured $300k in consultancy from one US customer to design an IoT solution for them and I’m pretty sure that we would have discounted this very heavily had we won this a year ago. Based on progress so far we expect our Services to grow 50% this year and will target the same growth next year.”


Chairman & CEO at Eseye

“It was through Dominic introducing high-quality tools validated through his own strategic practice in business which has made all this possible, actually happen and making such a difference.”


CEO at ExcelsiorMAT

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