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Dominic on Rethink Culture

Dominic is the other side of the microphone this week, appearing as a guest on S02E15 of the Rethink Culture Podcast where he shares a wealth of information on how to build high-performing teams capable of rapid and sustained growth.

You’ll learn:
– What it takes to attract top talent away from competitors.
– How to use the monthly keeper test to decide who to keep and who to fire.
– What to do if you fear losing or having trouble replacing employees.
– Why the war for talent is essentially a victim mindset.
– Why annual performance appraisals are equal to 12 months of avoiding difficult conversations.
– How to manage and measure expectations on deliverables.
– Which approach to employee promotion leads to growth and success.
– How to build a team of A-Players that is 5 to 10 times more productive.

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“As a manager, as a leader… one of your goals is to build the best team that you can afford… So when people say, I can’t attract any talent… it’s not the talent’s fault. Just because you have a job… just because you have a vacancy, there is no God-given right for amazing people to show up at your door and apply for it… Are you a shit place to work or are you an amazing place to work?”

Dominic Monkhouse S02 E15 Rethink Culture


Rethink Culture is the podcast that shines the spotlight on the leaders who are rethinking workplace culture. Virtually all of the business leaders who make headlines today do so because of their company performance. Yet, the people and the culture of a company is at least as important as its performance. It’s time that we shine the spotlight on the leaders who are rethinking workplace culture and are putting people and culture at the forefront.

Rethink Culture is the brainchild of Andreas Constantinou, an entrepreneur and academic. Andreas is an accidental micromanager who turned servant leader and over the years developed a personal passion for workplace culture. Following a 1* rating on GlassDoor. for his first business, Andreas decided culture should be a priority – and after years of focusing on designing a better culture he built it up to a 4.6*rating. After stepping out of his first business, Rethink Culture emerged out of Andreas’ passion to combine engineering (think systems) with social sciences (think empathy). That passion led to Culture Health Score, a method to measure what is otherwise a hairy and messy affair that is workplace culture. It also led him to the Rethink Culture podcast, which shines the spotlight on entrepreneurs who are creating outstanding workplace cultures, by putting people – not performance – first

Production, video, and audio editing by Evangelia Alexaki of Musicove Productions. All audio, artwork, episode descriptions and notes are property of Andreas Konstantinou, for Rethink Culture, and published with permission by Transistor, Inc.

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