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E273 | Revolutionising Customer Service By Creating Frictionless Experiences with Bill Price 

Do you want to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing seamless experiences? Wondering how to achieve this result effortlessly? This week we had a discussion that you will find inspiring. Our guest? Best-selling author, Bill Price. Bill will be unveiling the ultimate solution to create a frictionless customer experience that fosters enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best-selling author of The Best Service is No Service, and The Frictionless Organization, Bill Price is a renowned expert in customer experience and service. His journey to becoming a guru in this field began when he joined Amazon in 2006. At Amazon, Bill was relentless in his pursuit of creating a frictionless customer experience, focusing on removing any confusion or need for customers to contact the company. This philosophy led to a fourfold increase in revenue without hiring additional customer service staff. Bill’s approach was centred around delivering on promises and constantly monitoring customer satisfaction through leading quality metrics. His work at Amazon and subsequent clients has helped businesses of all sizes simplify their operations and create more value for their customers. Bill’s passion for putting customers first shines through in his storytelling and examples, making him a sought-after consultant and advocate for exceptional customer service.

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On today’s podcast: 

  • Changing the Customer Experience at Amazon
  • Embracing criticism for continuous improvement
  • Why you need to go beyond average metrics
  • Examples of frictionless organisations
  • The importance of understanding your customers

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The Best Service Is No Service

The Frictionless Organization

Who is Bill Price

Bill Price is the President and founder of Driva Solutions, LLC, a business he started in September 2001 to help companies achieve the delicate balance between cost containment and greater customer loyalty. He co-founded the 9-country LimeBridge Global Alliance in early 2002, chairs the 30-company Global Operations Council, and is the co-author of three books on customer experience: The Best Service is No Service (2008), Your Customer Rules! (2015), and The Frictionless Organization (2022). 

Bill served as Amazon’s first Vice President of Global Customer Service and, before that, was Vice President and General Manager of MCI Call Center Services, COO & CFO with a start-up software company in San Francisco, and a Senior Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company in San Francisco and Stockholm. Bill received his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College and his MBA from Stanford University, and lives in Bellevue, Washington with his wife Lori and their two Golden Retrievers, Mac and Oliver.

What you’ll hear from Bill

03:31 – Who is Bill Price

04:37 – Hired by Jeff Bezos and becoming a guru of Customer Experience

07:08 – The Best Service Is No Service

10:00 – Think like your customers

11:22 – Attacking customers’ pain points

12:08 – Driving change in Amazon

13:12 – Understanding why customers contact

14:29 – Coming up with a new Leading Quality Metric for Amazon CX

16:14 – Ownership and accountability and impact on performance

17:33 – The importance of weekly scrutiny

19:52 – Moving beyond averages

22:35 – Working with companies that ‘are stuck’

26:07 – Understanding Detractors and Seeking Criticism

26:54 – Finding Areas of Improvement

28:10 – The Frictionless Organization

28:21 – The Cases of Xero and Nike

33:38 – How often do executives talk to customers?

38:53 – The impact of visual customer interactions

39:29 – Learning Patience and Asking Questions

40:02 – Recommended Books

42:28 – Hiring for a Service Gene

43:58 – Jeff Sheehan’s Customer Experience Management Field Manual 

Book recommendations 

How The Mighty Fall 

Setting The Table

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