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E275 | From 4 to 70: Scaling A Remote Organisation From Zero To $20 Million ARR with Jeannie Arthur

In the face of personal loss, Jeannie Arthur found herself searching for a new purpose. Little did she know her journey would take an unexpected turn towards scaling a remote team. With doubts and a lack of confidence, she stepped up as CEO and embarked on a rapid growth journey. But what happened next? How did this remote team achieve such unprecedented success?

In this week’s episode, we learned from Jeannie Arthur, the former CEO of Qunifi and current Group Chief Transformation Officer at Dstny. Jeannie shares her journey of joining Qunifi during the pandemic and successfully scaling the remote team from four people to 70 employees with an impressive $20 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) in just 18 months. Her background as an engineer, management consultant, and entrepreneur in B2B SaaS businesses brings a unique perspective to the discussion. Jeannie highlights the importance of intentional communication, remote fit during hiring, and democratising culture and engagement in a remote organisation. Whether you’re a CEO or COO leading a remote team, this episode is packed with practical ideas to inspire you in your own journey to success.

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On today’s podcast: 

  • Scaling a remote organisation 
  • Exploring intentional communication and engagement
  • Democratising culture in a remote organisation
  • The challenges of finding the right people for remote-fit
  • Getting the team involved in driving engagement

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Who is Jeannie Arthur

Jeannie (J) Arthur is the Chief Transformation and Sustainability Officer (CTSO) and also the Interim Chief People Experience Officer (CPxO) for Dstny Group. Previously CEO of Qunifi (acquired by Dstny Group in March 2022). Non-Executive Director of Sedex. Serial B2B SaaS entrepreneur Jeannie is passionate about combining big ideas, technology and data with design-thinking and collaborative working to deliver disruptive solutions.

What you’ll learn from Jeannie

00:02 – The role of a COO in an organisation

01:31 – Joining Qunifi at the beginning of the pandemic

04:17 – Scaling from zero to 20 Million ARR in 18 Months

07:11 – Overcoming personal tragedy and finding success

09:53 – Embracing a remote model for growth

14:04 – Scaling to 70 people

15:39 – Transitioning to remote work

17:21 – Intentional onboarding and culture

19:39 – Finding the right fit for a remote-only business

21:21 – Democratising culture and engagement

28:06 – HR legislation and employee empowerment

29:28 – Learning from asking for help

30:08 – Short-form content and transformation

31:37 – Recommended Books

33:48 – Intentional culture and codifying values

Book recommendations 

Team Topologies

The Effortless Experience

Scaling Customer Success

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