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E276 | Embracing Change and Shifting Consumer Behaviour with Luke Battye

Change is inevitable, but making it stick in an organisation can be a monumental challenge. Our guest on Mind Your F**king Business Podcast this week, Luke Battye, tackles this issue head-on. As a founder and managing partner of consultancy Sprint Valley, Luke helps companies embed the Change Reflex — empowering teams not just to accept but embrace and enact change. 

Luke shares real examples where he applies the frameworks and behavioural science-based techniques with multinationals to help them deliver better performance and growth. One great example is the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. Luke and the team helped them improve their efficiency in serving food and drinks to their 60,000 fans at halftime by looking at how fast food chains like McDonald’s drive consumer behaviour and decision-making. He also dived into how he used peer learning and body cams to boost sales performance for field-based sales teams. Luke emphasises that enacting organisational change starts with building psychological safety through trust in leadership competency, integrity and benevolence.

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On today’s podcast: 

  • Diving into the Change Reflex
  • Understanding and shifting consumer behaviour
  • Relying on behaviour rather than opinions: the Friendship Method
  • The importance of self-awareness in leadership
  • Helping salespeople improve performance 

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Who is Luke Battye

Luke is a behavioural scientist and innovation expert who has helped teams at Nike, Intel, McDonald’s, Scottish Power, ARM Microchips, Gordon Ramsay, Virgin Atlantic, Oxford University and The Red Cross to use cutting-edge problem-solving frameworks and collaboration techniques to overcome existential threats and seize step-change opportunities.

His consultancy, Sprint Valley, is trusted by Fortune 100 & FTSE 250 clients, as well as Private Equity firms, to help their teams navigate complex strategic challenges that unlock growth.

What you’ll hear from Luke Battye

03:39 – What is the Change Reflex

05:19 – Analysing consumer behaviour from McDonalds to Etihad Stadium 

09:49 – The Psychology of Queuing

09:39 – Thinking about problem-solving

12:27 – Helping multinationals deliver growth and performance

13:28 – Implementing the Friendship Method

15:55 – Psychological difference between men and women

16:44 – Creating a powerful customer experience. Are we missing the point?

20:09 – Improving sales through peer learning

22:27 – Depersonalising the critique

24:00 – The importance of leaders admitting their failures

26:54 – Shifting to a culture of trust and psychological safety

28:41 – Why leaders need self-awareness

32:23 – Different problems require different approaches

34:30 – Are you a gambler or a fund manager?

38:13 – Stay connected to the work that gives you joy

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