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E278 | AI and Sales: Revolutionising Go-to-Market Strategies with Paul Gilhooly

In a world of traditional market targeting, one man’s journey took an unexpected turn. His quest to solve sales and marketing challenges led him to a groundbreaking discovery that changed everything. The impact was profound, revolutionising go-to-market strategies and driving unparalleled success.

In this episode, we learned from Paul Gilhooly, Vice President overseeing EMEA expansion and growth at 6sense. With two decades of experience in sales, primarily within the Martech sector of the SaaS industry, Paul has gained valuable expertise in leveraging data and AI to optimise go-to-market strategies. His focus lies in navigating the transition from a lead-based model to an account-based model, aiding companies in effectively prioritising their accounts. Through his in-depth knowledge of predictive analytics, customer data platforms, and AI, Paul offers practical insights to businesses seeking to enhance their sales and marketing approaches in the current competitive market landscape.

A must-listen if you’re looking to boost your sales and marketing performance. 

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On today’s podcast: 

  • Unlocking the potential of AI for go-to-market success.
  • Maximising sales impact through Account-Based Marketing and intent data insights.
  • Streamlining sales processes with an AI-driven platform.
  • Enhancing collaboration for improved marketing and sales synergy.
  • Harnessing the power of AI to drive better sales outcomes.

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Who is Paul Gilhooly

Paul Gilhooly is the VP of Sales, EMEA at 6sense, a Revenue AI platform transforming how companies create, manage and convert pipeline to revenue. Paul has almost 20 years of experience in the Martech and Salestech space, having held various leadership positions, scaling highly productive commercial teams to deliver revenue growth.

What you’ll learn from Paul

04:59 –  Joining 6sense and finding ways to monetise data

08:41 – Solving today’s sales challenge of relying on guesswork

12:38 – What is a revenue AI platform?

13:46 – Providing end-to-end revenue process for go-to-market teams

15:37 – Identifying the right account for businesses to sell to

18:50 – The ability to identify anonymous accounts

21:41 – Implementing generative AI to solve marketing and sales challenges

26:41 – How can we drive AI efficiently?

28:17 – The value that customers get with 6sense

33:26 – The impact of AI in the current marketplace

35:33 – Creating an environment for others to succeed

36:13-  No Forms, No Spam, No Cold Calls

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No Forms, No Spam, No Cold Calls

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