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E280 | From Renegade Founder to Renegade Leader with Benj Miller

This week on Mind Your F**king Business Podcast, we learned from Benj Miller, the CEO of System & Soul. Benj brings a refreshing perspective to the challenge of transitioning from a founder-centric to a collective mindset. His journey began with the realisation that the bass line in a jazz performance symbolises the essential cadence needed to provide consistency and empowerment. Having witnessed the struggle of founders elevating their best technicians into leadership roles without adequate support, Benj learned the hard way about the importance of clear, candid conversations to align individual motivations with the needs of the business. 

As a business coach and serial entrepreneur, Benj has an extensive background in founding and managing ten successful businesses. Specialising in crafting a business operating framework based on his own entrepreneurial journey, Benj has honed his expertise in guiding senior leadership teams of stage two companies through the challenging shift from a founder-centric to a team-led approach. With a focus on developing purpose-driven cultures and fostering collective mindsets within organisations, he brings a wealth of practical insights and strategies to help leaders navigate this pivotal transformation for long-term success and sustainable growth.

His unique approach incorporates the “six dimensions of compensation,” acknowledging that effective leadership goes beyond financial rewards. By sharing his own experiences, Benj’s storytelling captivates and inspires, demonstrating the transformative power of embracing a purpose-driven culture and nurturing a collective mindset within growing organisations.

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On today’s podcast: 

  • Cultivate a purpose-driven culture for long-term success.
  • Clarify expectations when hiring for organizational success.
  • Build a successful organization with clear direction and purpose.
  • Shift from a founder-centric mindset to a collective approach.
  • Establish a clear destination statement for organizational alignment.

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Who is Benj Miller

Overwhelmed and overworked CEO’s, meet Benj Miller. He’s a visionary, serial entrepreneur, and advocate for helping founders build healthy, scalable businesses.

In his eighteen years of entrepreneurial experience, he’s successfully built 7 profitable businesses, including the business operating framework, System & Soul. Through this innovative methodology, Benj and his team of coaches have helped 100s of founders reach breakthroughs in their businesses and find freedom from the grind.

Ultimately, he’s driven by the desire to help founders and their teams make the greatest possible impact on the communities they serve. He now dedicates his time to helping other business owners catalyse growth through the System & Soul Framework and find game-changing breakthroughs in the process.

Benj also co-hosts the System & Soul podcast with Chris White and co-founded the S2 Sync app. He is also the author of Renegades: Break Rules. Find Freedom. A Book for Founders. He lives in Atlanta, GA, with his wife and their four amazing kids.

What you’ll learn from Benj

06:01 – Transitioning from Founder-Led to Team-Led

09:50 – The Six Dimensions of Compensation

12:42 – Seasons of the Business and 10X Strategy

14:27 – Surrounding Yourself with 10X Thinkers

15:23 – Evaluating the Team’s Potential

18:27 – The Renegade Founder

19:08 – The Founder Gap

24:44 – Shifting Leadership Mindset

29:00 – Importance of Setting Expectations for Hiring

30:24 – Creating a Clear Destination Statement

31:36 – Defining Organisational Identity and Values

36:51 – The People Shift

40:44 – Book Recommendations 

Book recommendations 


The Only Leaders Worth* Following

Leadership and self deception

Feck Perfuction

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