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E281 | Justin Roff-Marsh on Maximising Your Sales Efficiency with Sales Process Engineering

If you’re feeling frustrated with your current sales process, constantly hitting roadblocks and struggling to achieve your growth targets, then you are not alone. Instead of seeing the scalable business growth you desire, you are pouring resources into outdated tactics, hoping for results that never materialise. It’s time to break free from the cycle of inefficiency and disappointment and take control of your sales process. With the right strategies in place, you can transform your approach and achieve the improved efficiency and scalable business growth you’ve been striving for.

To talk about this, we’ve invited back on the show no other than Justin Roff-Mars, a renowned figure in sales process engineering and a dear friend. In this episode, Justin emphasises the critical need for optimising sales processes to drive efficient business growth. He challenges the common misconception that solely doubling the size of the sales organisation results in doubling revenue, highlighting the importance of understanding the underlying reasons for growth. 

Justin’s insights on the misconception of account management, the significance of loose coupling between sales and operations, and his practical examples provide valuable guidance for businesses aiming to enhance their sales and operations processes. This conversation offers in-depth insights and practical strategies for sales executives and managers who seek to optimise their sales processes, improve efficiency, and achieve scalable business growth. 

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On today’s podcast: 

  • Engineer your sales process for maximum efficiency and growth.
  • Optimise front-of-house operations to drive sales success.
  • Understand key business growth factors to propel your sales.
  • Embrace the importance of loose coupling in sales strategies.
  • Continuously learn for ongoing sales improvement and success.

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Sales Process Engineering

The Machine

Who is Justin Roff-Marsh

Justin Roff-Marsh is the Founder of Ballistix, a sales management and marketing consultancy, specialising in the implementation and ongoing support of Sales Process Engineering (SPE). Sales Process Engineering is a radical approach to the resourcing and management of the sales process. This approach enables organisations to build a high-throughput sales process, where salespeople focus exclusively on the conduct of appointments and delegate all non-critical tasks to the sales support function.

Justin is also the author of the definitive guide to Sales Process Engineering, The Machine: A Radical Approach To The Design of The Sales Function. His controversial methodology and outspoken views have been featured in lively interviews and made great feature article content for numerous business podcasts and publications. Justin has facilitated Solution Design Workshops to hundreds of companies in scores of industries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

His views are rarely comforting and often controversial. If you are looking for sales training or more of the warm and fuzzy relationship-building workshops that have been driving mediocrity since the 1990s, don’t speak to this guy. If you want to be affirmed that the approach you are taking now will eventually deliver the sales results you’ve been hoping for, you won’t get it from Justin either. But, if you want a provocative thought leader who will change how you look at your business while also giving you a proven strategy to scale your business and grow your revenue, then is definitely the guy for you.

What you’ll learn from Justin

02:29 – Reengineering the Front of House

05:23 – Fixing Operations Before Sales

08:46 – Incentivising Growth and Compensation

15:39 – Setting Market-Driven Prices

16:05 – Importance of Pricing Strategy

17:48 – Creating a Compelling Value Proposition

19:30 – Subscription Services and Value Creation

23:47 – Strategic Business Transformation

29:01 – Product Marketing and Branding

32:54 – Importance of Deep Understanding in Product Innovation

34:06 – The Lack of Understanding in Business Growth

35:37 – Understanding Business Growth Factors

37:03 – Diminishing Returns in Sales Organization

43:27 – The Critical Activity for Business Growth

48:12 – Value Chains in Operations

49:37 – Decoupling Sales from Operations

53:37 – Metaphor for Loose Coupling

56:51 – Revenue Visibility and Contract Value

1:02:05 – Recommended Books and Reading

1:05:03 – Accessing Justin’s Book

1:05:17 – Justin’s Online Presence

1:05:37 – Discussing Sales Efficiency

Book recommendations 

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Crossing the Chasm

Inside The Tornado

Zero to One

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