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E285 | Pets, Startups, and Smarter Care: Building The Product People Want with Pavel Gertsberg

This week on Mind Your F**king Business Podcast we learned from the CEO of Fluffy, Pavel Gertsberg. 

In this episode, Pavel offers us an inside look at the transformation of Fluffy from its roots as a pet insurance company to a comprehensive pet health business that’s reimagining support for pet owners. With the rise of pet ownership, particularly after the pandemic, Pavel discusses the fresh challenges that new pet parents face and how Fluffy aims to ease the stress that accompanies caring for our four-legged companions. He’ll share how Fluffy’s digital vet clinic and subscription model aim to revolutionise the industry by providing cost-efficient, accessible, in-house pet care.

Drawing from his rich background in startups and revenue acceleration, Pavel cautions against the siren call of growth hacking in the early stages. Instead, he advocates for founders to get their hands dirty to find the elusive product-market fit before scaling. How can we develop products that resonate with our customers emotionally? Pavel will help us find the answer using the example of Airbnb’s approach. 

During this conversation, Dominic and Pavel will also discuss their views on the unpredictable nature of B2C businesses, the strategic advantages the UK presents for B2B enterprises, and the complexities of globalisation for financial firms.

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On today’s podcast: 

  • An innovative approach to pet healthcare
  • The impact of COVID on the pet insurance industry
  • The importance of product market fit before scaling
  • Exploring the complexities of globalisation for financial firms

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Who is Pavel Gertsberg

Pavel, CEO of Fluffy, brings a different approach to the pet healthcare and insurance industry. Pavel has over seven years of experience scaling tech companies, particularly in the SaaS, InsurTech, and Consumer sectors. His journey is characterised by helping companies find product-market fit and a talent for building effective marketing and sales functions from the ground up.

Pavel’s professional journey in the tech sector revolved around developing growth strategies for startups and steering them through multiple funding stages. He is devoted to assisting entrepreneurs in transforming their concepts into viable business models and laying the groundwork for expansion. His expertise lies in understanding customer challenges and collaborating with product and marketing teams to create strategies focused on product-led growth. Fluffy is making significant strides in transforming how pet owners manage their pets’ healthcare and insurance. Pavel’s vision for Fluffy is to combine the trustworthiness of a local vet clinic with the efficiency of an insurance company, offering a unique and valuable service to pet owners concerned about rising veterinary costs. Outside of the professional sphere, Pavel is a proud dad of Lagotto Romagnolo, renowned for its truffle-hunting skills. He is also a passionate marathon enthusiast, continually seeking suggestions for excellent marathon locations.

What you’ll learn from Pavel Gertsberg

03:05 – Why take the path of pet health business

04:43 – Tackling vet’s costly treatments and ambiguity 

06:12 – How Fluffy works?

07:12 – The importance of creating positive interactions with customers

08:37 – The problem with the new generations of pet owners 

10:22 – Fluffy’s goal to provide the right support for pet owners

13:30 – The only end-to-end in-house pet support in the UK

15:26 – COVID spike in pet ownership

16:00  – Having pets before children

17:26 – The impact of new pet owners on bid insurance companies

18:23 – Getting product market fit as soon as possible and enjoying the ride

20:40 – Why the UK and Europe should focus on B2B

22:07 – Focus on building things that people want

26:48 – Why founders should be clear on what problem they’re solving 

28:22 – Airbnb: How it started and how it’s going

31:43 – The ambition to create a sustainable business

32:15 – Why regulatory requirements are hard to internationalise

33:44 – The different payment infrastructure around the world 

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