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E288 | Strategies for Sales Excellence and Building High-Performing Sales Teams with Expert Jamie Hamer

Are you leveraging the full potential of your sales team? Do you have a clear strategy for hiring and nurturing top sales talent? And, are you curious about how to infuse your sales approach with vigour and vision? If you’re grappling with these considerations, then today’s episode of The Melting Pot is an essential listen for you.

This week, we learned from Jamie Hamer, CEO and co-founder of Bolt Cover, a trailblazing insurance tech startup revolutionising the way insurers connect with retailers and manufacturers. Jamie isn’t just a seasoned CEO – he’s a master salesman with a passion for building high-performance sales cultures and an eye for what it takes to succeed in transactional sales environments.

In this episode, Jamie uncovers the art of defining values, setting expectations, and the power of hiring through referrals. He delves into the intricate relationship between sales team dynamics and business growth stages, advocating for data-driven decision-making as outlined in his sales-focused book, The Exceptional Sales Career

Jamie’s book is not just a collection of anecdotes; it’s a testament to the strength of networking, evidenced by his lucrative investment in a US solar company. He also offers practical advice from evaluating business ideas to the nuances of introverted versus extroverted selling. Furthermore, our discussion pivots to the balance between office and remote working settings, the integration of insurance products into retail, and the tailored approach needed for sales team management.

For business leaders and entrepreneurs, the insights Jamie offers on the importance of patiently refining business ideas, coupled with the practical coaching tips he shares from his tenure at Southwestern Consulting, stand out as essential guidance for those striving for excellence.

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On today’s podcast: 

  • Connecting insurers to independent retailers and manufacturers
  • The keys to hiring great salespeople
  • How to build high-performance sales teams
  • The importance of self-talk

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The Exceptional Sales Career

Who is Jamie Hamer

Jamie is a Co-Founder of Bolt Cover, an Insurtech focussed on providing online retailers and consumer product protection at the point of sale. He also provides sales and leadership coaching and consultancy, mostly to his growing portfolio of angel investments. Previously, Jamie has been a sales leader and entrepreneur, having exited React News – now Europe’s largest paid real estate news service – in 2022. Jamie published a 2021 book on sales (The Exceptional Sales Career), is an award-winning public speaker and holds a CFA Charter.

What you’ll learn from Jamie

03:27 – Supporting Independent Retailers To Compete With Giants

06:01 – Successes And Failures Whilst Building An Insurance Tech Startup

07:35 – Sales Origin In Door-To-Door Educational Book Sale

14:06 – The Genesis of The Exceptional Sales Career Book

15:06 – There’s More To Writing A Book Than Book Sales

17:29 – The Keys To Hiring Great Salespeople

21:49 – Can Good Sellers Sell Anything?

23:31 – Building A High-Performing Sales Culture

27:27 – Choosing The Right Market As A Salesperson

28:10 – Coaching Business Leaders In Accountability, Motivation and Self-talk

32:09 – The Value Of Self-Talk

34:53 – Sales Teams: Fully Remote or Office Based?

38:58 – Be Patient And find Profitable Business Opportunities.

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