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E289 | Unlocking The Genius Within And Unpacking Patterns To Win with Simon Bowen

Are you harnessing the untapped genius within your organisation and leading with the conviction needed to navigate through chaos? If you’re questioning your leadership methods or your ability to break down complex concepts, we have an absolutely fascinating episode for you. 

This week we delve into the mind of Simon Bowen, a mastermind in distilling intuitive brilliance into structured know-how. Simon is celebrated for applying geometric principles to streamline and demystify dense ideas, transforming the way leaders communicate. Beyond his expertise, Simon also shares his experiences winning an extraordinary array of prizes by finding and analysing patterns, showcasing the practicality of his analytical strategies.

During their conversation, Simon shared his critical views on leadership, especially during pivotal organisational growth spurts. Dominic and Simon also discussed pushing through discomfort to maintain a connection with teams, irrespective of size. Simon also uncovers the compelling art of visual storytelling, presenting a methodology that flips resistance to engagement.

For anyone involved in business, sales, marketing, or simply intrigued by the mastery of influential communication, this episode promises to equip you with strategies for leadership and clarity.

A quick note: to fully enjoy this episode we recommend you to watch it on YouTube. 

It’s a truly remarkable episode worth watching to experience and understand Simon’s insights. 

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On today’s podcast: 

  • The power of drawings to understand the world
  • Thinking in models and patterns
  • Unpacking the Genius: from intuitive to organised
  • The different dimensions of value

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Who is Simon Bowen

Simon is an international keynote speaker, business mentor, presenter and author. Simon’s method of using models to accelerate thinking and elevate influence has spread to over 30 countries and is used in more than nine different languages. His flagship model, The Genius Model® has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and changed the game of selling forever.

With a background in electrics and electronics, teaching, university lecturing, executive management, corporate consulting, and peak performance coaching, Simon’s unique blend of perspectives has resulted in a truly unique framework of thinking and influence that is changing the way business leaders, consultants and salespeople unpack complex concepts and influence others towards agreement with their ideas.

What you’ll learn from Simon Bowen

04:13 – Simon’s Background And Finding His Genius Creating Models

10:32 – Drawings: From The Brains To The Real World

13:50 – The Power of Models and Why They Work

14:40 – Thinking In Models

18:46 – How To Change People’s Perspective 

20:44 – The Buyer Safety Concept

21:37 – Studying The Patterns In Comedy And Stage Magic

22:55 – There Are Patterns For Everything

27:39 – Using Geometry To Unpack Patterns: From Intuitive to Organised Genius

30:35 – An Important Lesson On Courageous Leadership

32:52 – The Complexities And Challenges Of Organisational Growth

35:06 – People Leave Leaders, Not Companies

35:50 – Systemising A Complex Product Or Service To Sell It

37:35 – Shifting The Mindset From Cost To Value

40:23 – The Sage: A Case Of Profound Genius 

42:40 – The Different Levels Of Value

45:50- The Forth Level Of Value: Defend The Customer 

48:53 – How People Absorb Information

52:17 – The Choreography of Drawing: Making Information Interesting and Believable

57:40 – Human High Intensity For Resistance And Low Intensity For Acceptance

01:00:17 – Using Models To Get People Motivated To Solve Their Problem

01:04:08 – This Too Shall Pass.

01:02:31 – Everyone Has A Genius Within

01:13:18 – Understanding The Marketplace Will Give You The Edge

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