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E295 | Mastering the Sales Game – Role Plays and Strategies with Simon Severino

Sales and marketing strategies can make or break your business. That’s why we invited no other than TEDx speaker, advisor and business author, Simon Severino for a new episode of Mind Your F**king Business.

In this episode, Simon unpacks the intricacies of coaching across multiple domains, from the sales floor to the spiritual journey, all aimed at accelerating both personal and professional growth. We’ll explore the significance of clear communication within a team and why having a structured sales approach can mean the difference between closing a deal and watching it slip through your fingers.

Dominic and Simon also talk about creating “flywheels” to drive business, the power of role-play in sales meetings to boost confidence, and why training is as essential in business as it is in sports.

Simon also offers a treasure trove of advice for solo entrepreneurs—from establishing structured processes to reducing reliance on the founder within 90 days. He’ll explain why some tech founders flounder with sales and how his strategies can turn the ship around and create a culture brimming with opportunities.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, a tech founder struggling with sales, or simply someone passionate about mastering the art of business, this episode is tailored for you.

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On today’s podcast: 

  • How can solopreneurs focus on their Genius
  • The Importance of role plays in sales
  • 90 days cycles to accelerate a big business

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Who is Simon Severino

Simon Severino has created +2B in additional sales for his clients over the last 21 years. As an advisor who became CEO, he had to learn the importance of working ON the business more than IN it. Now, he shares his proven templates with high-ticket entrepreneurs. They reclaim 14 hours per week using the Strategy Sprints™ Method and enjoy sales that soar.  Author of Strategy Sprints, Podcast Host Ranking Top 2,5%, TEDx speaker, Forbes contributor, Triathlete. Has appeared on over 1300 podcasts. When he is not supercharging sales, you’ll find him swimming, biking, running and tricking his 3 kids into outdoor activities so they can’t escape his annoying shrinky questions. 

What you’ll learn from Simon Severino

02:12 – Helping People Accelerate Sales

06:33 – Coaching Solopreneurs

07:53 – Transitioning From Big Consulting To Helping Solopreneurs 

10:30 – Helping Solopreneurs Get In Their Genius Zone

13:06 – 90 Days To Accelerate Big Companies Like Google or BMW 

18:35 – The ABC Sales Role Play And Sales People Lack of Curiosity

23:01 – Under Pressure, You Default To The Level Of Your Training

24:47 – Coaching Forces Us To Get Better At The Foundations Of What We Do

28:52 –Why People Need A Common Vocabulary In Sales And Marketing 

33:34 – Book Recommendations From Simon

37:10 – Fire Round Of Questions 

The Power Of Moments

The Sales Acceleration Formula

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