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E296 | The AI Factor in Business: How to Strategise with Expert Asha Saxena

Are you ready to demystify the complex world of artificial intelligence in the workplace? Are you unsure about how AI can transform your business strategy and operational efficiency? If you’re grappling with these modern challenges, then this week’s episode of Mind Your F**king Business should be the top one in your playlist.

This week we dive into the world of AI with the brilliant Asha Saxena, CEO and founder of Women Leaders in Data and AI (WILDA), and an admired technology veteran with 30 years of experience. As an innovator, author, and esteemed professor at Columbia University, Asha brings a wealth of knowledge in big data, analytics, and the transformative power of AI. She articulates the necessity of a role we’ll soon come to know as the Chief AI Officer – a role tasked with marrying technology with business and strategic data implementation.

Asha goes beyong beyond the mere technicalities and explores the human side of tech. Her book, “The AI Factor,” penned during the pandemic, aims to simplify AI concepts for business leaders and tackles the crucial issue of biases in AI models, which have far-reaching impacts on society. With Women Leaders in Data and AI, she promotes diversity in technology spheres and emphasises inclusive AI development.

Whether you’re the head of a company contemplating using AI in your operations or a professional eager to upscale your skill set for a future integrated with AI, this episode will give you the insights you need for your journey.

On today’s podcast: 

  • The role of tech leaders addressing gender bias
  • AI in business strategy
  • A peek into the future of Artificial Intelligence

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The AI Factor

Who is Asha Saxena

Asha Saxena is a strategic and innovative leader with a track record of building successful technology companies over the past 30 years. She is the author of the bestselling book The AI Factor– How to Apply Artificial Intelligence and Use Big Data to Grow Your Business Exponentially, and the Founder and CEO of Women Leaders in Data and AI, a global leadership organisation bringing world leaders together to create a fair digital world with parity and equity. 

Asha is an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, teaching graduate classes on Entrepreneurship and served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Columbia Business School. She also served as a partner at CEO Coaching International, a management services company focused on building, turning around, and selling successful businesses. In the past, Asha served as the CEO of a healthcare data analytics company, built an e-commerce platform, and was the President and CEO of Future Technologies. This company provided data analytics solutions to Fortune 1000 companies and was recognized at the World Economic Forum as a “Global Growth Company for 2007”. 

Asha earned her BS in Computer Science from Bangalore University in India, an MS in Data Science from Southern Methodist University, and underwent management training at MIT and the London Business School.

What you’ll learn from Asha 

 02:15 – A 30 Year Career In Tech

04:02 – Women In Tech

05:59 – The Harmful Side of AI and Gender Biases

11:58 – AI: How It Started And Where It’s Going

16:27 – Finding Out Where You Can Implement AI In Your Business

20:04 – Will There Be A Chief AI Officer

21:53 – Optimising Your Business With AI

26:37 – How The Pandemic Helped Collect Amazing Data For Progress

28:58 – A Peek Into The Future of Artificial Intelligence

 32:08 – As Leader, Learn To Become A Mentor And Be Patient

33:07 – Book Recommendations

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