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E298 | Revolutionising Marketing: Bringing It In-House And Leveraging AI Tech with John Readman

Is your marketing team making the most strategic decisions with their budget? Do your marketing efforts align seamlessly with the latest digital platforms? If you question whether your brand could benefit from an in-house marketing shift, today’s episode of Mind Your F**king Business is essential listening.

This week, we get to learn from John Readman, a marketing visionary and founder of Modo25, a company dedicated to transforming the landscape of in-house marketing teams. John brings a wealth of expertise in crafting platforms that not only enhance the efficiency of marketing budgets across diverse digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and TikTok but also streamline complex decision-making processes with the help of AI-driven insights.

In this episode, John delves deep into the mechanics of successful in-house marketing, the strategic deployment of budgets, and the revolutionary impact of his technology, ASK BOSCO®. He shares invaluable advice on building robust marketing teams and discusses the transformative effect of predictive analytics in optimising ad spending across numerous channels. John also shares his dedication to philanthropy through his charity cycling initiative, Ride25, which supports an orphanage in Uganda.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur eager to reclaim control of your marketing strategies or a seasoned marketer looking to innovate, this conversation will give you essential insights to revolutionise your marketing approach.

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On today’s podcast: 

  • Cycling around the world for charity
  • Bringing marketing services in-house
  • The human element in business success

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Who is John Readman

John Readman is the founder and chief executive officer of Modo25 and ASK BOSCO®. He is a retail expert with over 25 years of experience growing agencies and brands. John had a bold plan to revolutionize the way agencies and brands approach their digital marketing strategies using machine learning and AI to help digital marketers know exactly where to invest their next pound, dollar, euro, or yen.

Modo25 is a global, supported in-housing and marketing technology provider. ASK BOSCO® gives online retailers and marketing agencies the power of AI predictive marketing analytics, enabling them to plan, predict and profit from marketing spend. It allows brands and agencies to get value from every pound spent on marketing. 

What you’ll learn from John Readman

04:15 – Ride25: Charity Cycling Business

05:31 – Cycling Around The World In Bite-sized Chunks

08:55 – The Founders’ Ride

09:46 – Inspiring Orphaned Kids To Cycle

12:50 – Americans love cycling, made good money. Met cofounder.

12:50 – Making Strong Business Connections Through Cycling

14:09 – Modo25: Helping Brands Bring Marketing In House

17:03 – The Genesis Of AKS BOSCO®, The Tech Behind Modo25

19:26 – Where Should Marketers Spend Their Next Pound

20:29 – AI-enabled platform for predictive analysis.

25:56 – The Swift In AI’s Perception In Marketing

27:29 – 4-Day Week, Productivity And Creating The Right Culture

33:18 – What Happens When You Have A-Players In Your Team

29:03 – Book Recommendations

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