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E299 | Mastering The Art Of Sales: Closing Big Deals with Tom Searcy

This week on Mind Your F**king Business, we have the immense pleasure of learning from Tom Searcy, a renowned expert in B2B sales strategy and the mind behind Hunt Big Sales. With a rich background in operations and a track record of aiding companies in doubling their size by targeting large accounts, Tom brings a blend of practical experience and strategic insight. Having scaled companies from under $10 million to over $100 million in annual sales, Tom’s consultancy specialises in helping businesses between $5 million and $250 million in annual sales achieve extraordinary growth. His systematic approach to sales is essential knowledge for any organisation looking to capture big contracts and drive substantial revenue. 

In this episode, Tom shares the different stages of his process for successful sales, emphasising the significance of alignment and accurate problem identification before crafting proposals and closing deals. We delve into the power of personalised closing statements to reassure clients and differentiate from competitors, along with the importance of leveraging customer references to build trust and overcome objections.

Tom and Dominic discuss the challenges of being perceived as a risky option compared to larger competitors and how to address client fears to close deals effectively. 

If you struggle to stand out in this crowded marketplace, download, watch and listen to the full conversation today!

On today’s podcast: 

  • Tom’s Stage-Gate Sales Process
  • Removing the sales stigma
  • How to maintain your credibility during the sales process

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The Secret to Big Sales

Who is Tom Searcy

Tom Searcy is a recognised author, speaker, and foremost expert in large account sales. His methods of unlocking explosive growth were developed through years of real-world success. He is a two-time winner of the Global Gurus “World’s Top 30 Sales Professionals” coming in at #5 in 2024 and #1 on the list with a focus on big sales.

By age 40, Searcy had led four corporations, growing each from revenues of less than $10 million to greater than $100 million, and in the most recent case from a startup to a company leader of more than $200 million, each in less than four years. This growth was organic and achieved without buying, selling, or merging any of the four corporations. He grew these companies through a large account sales system he developed and implemented.

Since then, Tom founded Hunt Big Sales, a fast-growth consultancy and thought leadership organisation. With his systems, Hunt Big Sales clients have landed more than $21 billion in new sales with 190 of the Fortune 500 companies, including 3M, Disney, Chase Bank, International Paper, AT&T, Apple, and hundreds more.

Tom’s revolutionary ideas are now more accessible than ever. He is the author of The Secret to Big Sales: Use Executive Language to Close More Deals, How to Sell In Place: Closing Deals in the New Normal, Life After the Death of Selling: How to Thrive in the New Era of Sales and RFPs Suck! How to Master the RFP System Once and for All to Win Big Business and co-author of Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company, and How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett: Lessons from the World’s Greatest Dealmaker. He has written weekly online columns for Forbes, CBS MoneyWatch and, with a combined monthly readership of 38 million. 

What you’ll learn from Tom Searcy

02:47 – The Genesis of Hunt Big Sales

04:32 – Closing The Sale: A Peer-to-Peer Issue

07:52 – Dealing With The ‘Sales’ Stigma

11:06 – The Stage-Gate Sales Process: Removing Fear and Maintaining Credibility

21:21 – Bringing Agility To Closing Deals

24:58 – The Different Stages of The Sales Process

26:56 – The Importance of Closing Statements

28:50 – Why Do Deals Stall?

31:00 – Only The Informed Will Survive

32:49 – Want To Be Great? Invest In Your Craft

35:05 – Tom Searcy’s View On Sales Commission

38:47 – Book Recommendations

The Challenger Sale

100m Offers

100m Leads

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