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The Melting Pot Podcast with Peter Czapp

Peter Czapp loves what he does. He’s the co-founder of The Wow Company, an accountancy firm that helps you grow your business not just fill in your tax return.

He’s got a fascinating story and a lot of interesting thoughts on business, which I talk to him about for my podcast this week. Peter explains why he felt driven to launch his own company, despite not having a background in accounting. And why he’s so passionate about delivering that ‘Wow’ to clients.

Peter also talks about:

Why receiving negative feedback is the only way to get better

Why he agrees that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”

How he uses a special mind trick to turn negatives into positives

Why focus is so important

And, how you should always enjoy the journey!

Lots of great advice included here.

You can also now listen to The Melting Pot Podcast through iTunes and Stitcher.

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