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The Melting Pot Podcast with  Chris Donnelly

At the age of 27 Chris Donnelly already runs a very successful business, Verb Brands. He’s the founder and managing director of the digital agency that works with luxury brands, including Jimmy Choo, Claridges and The Wolseley.

Chris started the business at university and then developed it into what it is today when he saw a gap in the market. It’s an inspirational story and one I feel lucky to have talked to Chris about for my latest podcast.

We cover lots of great advice, including:

  • Finding your niche
  • Building relationships, and trust, with prospective clients even before a pitch
  • How culture, and spotting the right talent, is essential
  • Pitfalls to a merger
  • Pitches, and how organising them like a military operation has led to a fantastic win rate
  • And why he wants to give back….. plus, LOTS more.

(please note — there is some swearing in this podcast!)

You can also now listen to The Melting Pot Podcast through iTunesTuneIn and Stitcher.

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