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The Melting Pot Podcast with Henry Stewart

How happy are you at work? How happy is your workforce? Maybe it’s not something you actively think about, or you don’t have enough time to think about!

Happiness in the workplace makes a huge difference though. People work best when they feel happy, and they are more productive.

Henry Stewart is the man who knows what it takes to create a happy workplace. He’s the author of The Happy Manifesto: Make Your Organisation a Great Workplace. In Episode 4 of Dominic Monkhouse’s podcast, The Melting Pot, Henry speaks to the Foundry Media business coach about the steps we can take to make work a happier place to be.
Ideas like:

No managers (they have coaches)
Pre-approving work
Celebrating mistakes
Playing to strengths.

Henry has lots of ideas, and you can hear them all now.

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