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Prescription For Growth

An exclusive one-day workshop presented by Justin Roff-Marsh

Join the author of The Machine, Justin Roff-Marsh, at this intimate one-day workshop to learn how your organisation can mirror the organisations that are already successfully applying the key ideas from The Machine, and outsell the competition.

Justin will take you, step-by-step, through the critical ideas presented in his book, The Machine. More importantly, he will show you how to fashion these ideas into a simple (but detailed) plan to outsell your competitors and expedite your organisation’s growth.

After this challenging workshop, you will leave with actionable and proven tactics to boost your sales activity and radically improve your business operations.

Join us on 15th September. 

A few seats left. Save yours now!



  • A growth formula that you can follow to generate up to 11 times more selling conversations for your salespeople.


  • A plan for restructuring sales to cover more territory and increase sales without a proportionate increase in payroll costs.


  • Steps to follow to improve operational performance and deliver >90 ontime case completion performance.


  • How to generate sales opportunities on a just-in-time basis (and why marketing must subordinate to sales).


  • How to use one set of KPIs to drive growth and the role of management.


The executives that apply the ideas developed in The Machine, grow their businesses significantly faster than those that don’t. Wonder why?

Justin’s answer is simple: you need to sell more. To be specific, those businesses do 11 times the volume of sales appointments as their competitors.

More than 186 business leaders have already attended and successfully implemented the ideas from the Prescription For Growth workshop.


“What an exhilarating day. From beginning to end the day made perfect sense. I am now clear on what structural changes need to take place in order to grow my business. Importantly, I feel armed with the vocabulary needed to communicate the concepts to my team.”

Andrew Charlton, Exelblue

“A great workshop that challenges the way we have worked for years. Some very good ideas to seriously consider.”

James Greene, Crest Interiors



Justin is the author of The Machine: A Radical Approach To The Design of The Sales Function and Founder of Ballistix, a sales management and marketing consultancy, with operations in North America, Europe and Australia.

Justin’s approach to the sales process is as revolutionary as Deming’s was to manufacturing.  He argues passionately that the application of scientific management principles to the sales process is the next great uncharted frontier for industry.

Many followers of Justin’s approach (including clients of Ballistix) experience rapid growth. He has numerous examples of mid to large organisations growing at rates in excess of 20% a year (as well as examples of smaller organisations growing significantly faster).

At Monkhouse and Company, we consider Justin as a strategic partner as he currently has an immense impact on some of our existing clients’ sales process. He has also been a guest on our Melting Pot podcast, where he and Dominic discussed why companies need to rethink their sales function if they hope to scale.


The workshop will take place at Foundry Farm, in The New Forest.

Starting at 8:30 a.m. we will be serving breakfast, lunch and tea throughout the day until the end of the event at 5 p.m. 



This workshop starts with a practical growth formula and progresses through the steps you will need to take to actualize this formula. The theory is discussed only to the extent necessary to confirm that the formula is robust.

  1. A simple, generic growth formula. Justin’s formula is powerful but deceptively simple. The key idea is that you ensure that your organisation participates in a hugely disproportionate percentage of the selling conversations that occur in your marketplace (relative to your market share).
  2. Structuring for growth. This is easier said than done. Practically it requires a restructuring of your organization. The good news is that this restructure will provide a number of meaningful improvements in your operational performance.
  3. The design of sales. You guessed it, a redesign of sales is required to enable a massive increase in the volume of selling conversations (without a commensurate increase in payroll cost).
  4. The integration of sales and marketing. The traditional relationship between sales and marketing must be turned on its head. Marketing must generate sales opportunities on a just-in-time basis (they must subordinate to sales).
  5. The role of management. This transition is no walk in the park for management. And the new, high-growth business model will require a dramatically different approach to supervision. Like racecar engines, massive increases in efficiency come at the expense of greater fragility.

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