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CEO Mentoring and Executive Coaching

The CEO Mentoring Program might be for you if:

  • You are a growth-stage startup, your company is scaling up, and you are looking for an impactful mentoring or coaching solution.
  • You are a CEO or founder looking for traditional one-to-one mentoring or coaching from a specialist scale-up CEO mentor or executive coach.
  • You are a business unit leader looking for a specialist mentor or executive coach, often to help you succeed in a new role.

“You’ve got a problem and suddenly there is a solution within seconds because Dominic has already dealt with before. That’s what’s invaluable to me: having the process in place and Dominic’s experience.”

Brian Welsh, Chairman at Insight Legal 


one-to-one mentoring program


Share your mentoring objectives with us, and we’ll suggest a suitable mentor from our team. Following this, you’ll have an introductory call to confirm a personality fit.

Get twelve months of coaching with a specialist Monkhouse & Company CEO mentor. At least one hour of monthly mentoring with interim WhatsApp, email and phone support.

Try before you buy – Get the first session on us.

£2,000 per month


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one-to-one executive coaching program


Share your coaching objectives with us, and we’ll suggest an appropriate executive coach from our roster. Following this, you’ll have an introductory call to confirm a suitable match.

Receive a full year of guidance from a dedicated Monkhouse & Company executive coach. This includes at least one hour of monthly coaching, supplemented by ongoing support through WhatsApp, email, and phone.

Experience it first – Your initial session is complimentary.

From £1,250 per month (depending on coach seniority)


Ready to start?

“Dominic has a wealth of knowledge which seems to tumble out in fluid conversations, enhancing the experience even more and to such an extent that I have learnt the diligence to quickly take notes so as to not miss the moment of added learning.”

Tom Frame, Group MD, Etch and BigRadical

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