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Private Business Growth Workshop

Bring your executive team to a strategic off-site where we’ll help you get clarity on your growth strategy and gain focus on what matters in your business to make it scale.

Why attend the Business Growth Workshop?

✓ Lay the foundations for sustainable growth.

✓ Uncover your unique strategic proposition.

✓ Define your annual, quarterly and 90-day individual OKRs.

✓ Introduce a communication rhythm to get your team rowing in the same direction.


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How coaching can impact your team’s performance?


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How does it work?


1. You’ll get a Discovery Call with a coach.


➔ We’ll learn more about you and your business.

➔ We’ll uncover the challenges facing your business and holding back your growth.

Once you decide that you want to move forward with us, we’ll design the best process to follow to meet your business needs and help you and your team make the most out of the session.

2. You and your Executive Team will join us for a half-day session at The Management Lab in the New Forest, where we will help you identify the next steps of your journey to stratospheric growth.


Some of the challenges we will help you overcome

✘ You’re struggling to identify your core customer and their drivers of willingness to pay.

✘ You need help implementing the Scaling Up framework.

✘ You’ve hit an inflection point in your growth journey.

✘ You’ve lost sight of the direction your business is heading.

✘ You need help developing your strategic vision and business model.

✘ Your team has lost focus and direction.

What you get after the session


✓ Greater clarity on your vision and how to execute it.

✓ An aligned and connected team with a shared purpose.

Actionable tools that you can implement from the very next day to start scaling.

✓ A strategic advantage over your competition by having identified the drivers of willingness to pay of your core customer.

✓ A clear definition of what success looks like in your business and how to measure it using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

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