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Agile Scale Up and Business Coaching in Hampshire

Are you ready to scale your business? Interested in achieving up to 20% consistent year-on-year growth? If you’re prepared for a seismic shift in perspective and getting entrepreneurial input to set you on your path to fast, sustainable business growth, you should contact Dominic Monkhouse.

Based between Southampton and Salisbury on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border, Dominic is a dynamic business coach with a solid track record of helping growing technology businesses achieve successful scale-ups, both in the UK and abroad. Specialising in business coaching and management development, strategy planning and organisational change, he uses a range of tried and tested methods to help your organisation take off on a trajectory of unprecedented and sustainable business growth.

Dominic’s successful programme is the result of his broad commercial experience, his deep expertise and a proven process used by 2,700+ firms around the globe.

Agile Scale Up Coaching

For any business to become ‘agile’ requires organisational change and a new way of thinking and doing things. Is your team ready to transition towards becoming more efficient, reaping the rewards of new technologies, new work practices and environments? Dominic is an experienced and certified Scaling Up™ Coach, having witnessed many times over that, when Agile Scaling Up is done right, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

The ‘agile’ concept rests on a set of 5 pillars – iterative, empirical, cross-functional, focused and continually improving – and a set of beliefs that are distinct from other management practices. Crucially, becoming agile results in higher team productivity and morale, better quality products and services and lower business risk.

Scaling Up Business Coaching

Dominic Monkhouse is an independent executive coach and certified Scaling Up™ Coach who is truly excited about helping to scale up mid-market growth companies. With a wealth of effective business tools and techniques at his disposal, he can guide your organisation onto a fast growth path, with astounding and sustainable results.

Your framework for growth will be based on the Four Decisions™ – People, Strategy, Execution and Cash – while specific tools such as the One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP) and the Rockefeller Habits Checklist will assist in the implementation of proven growth strategies.

Call Dominic now

If you need a Hampshire-based Scaling Up Business Coach, or you have enquiries regarding the Agile Scale Up Programme, you can contact Dominic Monkhouse on 01725 605900 or email here.


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Based between Southampton and Salisbury on the Hampshire / Wiltshire border, working with businesses across the South East of England, including SurreyBerkshire and London.

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