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Scale Up Business Coaching in London FAQs

How quickly will I see results?


The speed at which you’ll see results with business coaching varies based on several factors: your goals, commitment and engagement, frequency of sessions, your starting point and external market conditions. While many clients notice immediate shifts in perspectives, attitudes, and decision-making approaches after starting coaching, tangible business results might take a few months to become evident.


How do you measure effectiveness?


Before partnering with a client, we collaboratively craft a distinct value promise. Our primary goal? Driving an ROI that’s 5-10 times your investment.


Is there any guarantee?


Money Back Guarantee – If our value promise falls short in your eyes, simply show that you’ve adhered to the program to qualify for a refund. If you’ve faithfully followed the program without seeing the promised value, we believe it’s only fair to return your investment.


How do we know if MONKHOUSE & COMPANY are a good coach fit?


Browse through our client testimonials, view the testimonial videos, delve into the books by Dominic Monkhouse, explore the weekly blog, and tune into the podcast “The Melting Pot with Dominic Monkhouse”.


If you think we are a fit, book a call and find out if we think we can help you.


Does virtual business coaching work?


Yes, virtual business coaching can be highly effective. The success of virtual coaching, like in-person coaching, largely depends on the client’s commitment. Virtual coaching offers several advantages and comes with some disadvantages.




Flexibility: It allows for scheduling sessions without the constraints of location, making it easier for both parties to find suitable times. Particularly with clients in the Americas or Australasia.

Broader Access: Businesses can enrol many more individuals in an online course than can ever attend the Management Lab in person.

Efficiency: It saves time and money by eliminating the need for travel.





Lack of Personal Connection: In-person interactions often foster a deeper, more authentic connection. Working on group dynamics is less effective online in our experience.

Distractions: It’s too easy to glance at your email or phone and no longer be present.

Non-verbal Cues: Body language is a significant part of communication. Online subtle non-verbal cues might be missed or misinterpreted.

Less Accountability: Some clients may feel that virtual coaching offers less accountability than face-to-face coaching, potentially reducing their commitment or follow-through.



Read our success story from London

based client – Robert Belgrave, CEO EMEA PAX8

“Since starting coaching the business has been growing somewhere between 50 and 100% year on year. For the first seven or eight years of that journey as Wirehive, that was organic growth. Since being acquired by Pax8, we’re now part of a venture funded, and extremely fast growing global operation. Dominic and his team fitted into that journey and helped keep us on that amazing growth trajectory that we’ve experienced over the last decade. Rapid growth has definitely been a feature of every year since we started working together. I think you can definitely build a great business without coaching, but it certainly makes it a lot easier. Having somebody who’s not in the weeds of the everyday challenges of running a business and giving you fresh perspectives is something incredibly valuable, and that’s certainly something that Dom’s contributions gave us over the years.” 

Robert Belgrave,  CEO EMEA PAX8, London

pax8 Monkhouse

What our clients say

“We’ve grown between 50-100% year on year”

Robert Belgrave,

‘Within the first five months, we experienced 500% growth’

Terry Pattinson
Director, Enable Network Services

‘What you get from Dominic’s experience is invaluable’

Brian Welsh
Chairman, Insight Legal

Get insight. Your growth. Your pace.

If you’re not ready to start coaching with us yet, we have other ways to help you start your journey.

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    Receive Dominic Monkhouse’s expertise in your inbox every week

    Sign up today and get your copy of F**K PLAN B: How to scale your technology business faster and achieve Plan A, the book that will change your business and your life.

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