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Agile Scale Up Business Coaching London

Is your business ready to take the next big step? Could you achieve 20% annual business growth, year on year? Under the guidance of experienced London business coach Dominic Monkhouse, business leaders will learn to bring a fresh, new perspective to your management thinking and scale up your business rapidly and with less drama.

Dominic is a business coach specialising in management development and leadership coaching, strategic planning and organisational change. Based in the United Kingdom, he has an enviable track record of helping business owners grow businesses both at home and abroad achieving successful scale-ups.

Dominic’s tried and tested methodologies are the result of his wide commercial experience combined with deep expertise, together with a proven business coach process that is used by nearly 3,000 companies worldwide.

Agile Business Coach London

As a certified Scaling Up™ executive coach, Dominic Monkhouse understands what it means for a business to become ‘agile’. In sharp contrast to traditional management theories, Agile Scaling Up requires a fundamental rethink of how things should be done. Is your team ready to transition to becoming much more efficient, ready to reap the rewards of new technologies, innovative work practices and different environments?

At its core, ‘agile’ is a set of beliefs that rests on 5 deceptively simple-sounding pillars: iterative, empirical, cross-functional, focused and continually improving. Spectacular growth is there for the taking when it’s done right.

What tools should you deploy?

As an agile business coach, Dominic’s priority is on early delivery of value to business owners. Small self-organised teams focused on customer segments lie at the core of delivering cross-functionally. Daily, monthly, quarterly and annual meeting and communication rhythms account for iterative progress. A 3HAG plus objectives and key results (OKRs) help achieve the necessary focus. Net Promoter Score (NPS) and a measure of employee engagement like let you deliver on continuous improvement. Dominic works with business owners in the United Kingdon and beyond in an empirical way meaning working in a fact-based (sometimes brutal facts), experience-based, and evidence-based way. The executive coaching process Dominic practices are based on observations of reality, not fictitious plans. He places great importance on mind-set and cultural shift to achieve business and organisational goals.

See for yourself how these tools could impact you and your business. Attend the next Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop.

Crucially, an agile organisation is able to unlock the discretionary effort of their employees, leading to higher productivity, greater engagement, better products and services and lower business risk.

Scaling Up Business Coaching

As a certified Scaling Up™ Business Coach with a real enthusiasm for helping to scale up mid-market companies in London, the Thames Valley and beyond, Dominic Monkhouse knows precisely how to approach each unique journey. He has an impressive range of executive coaching tools and techniques at his disposal to guide your business along the path to fast, sustainable growth.

Which methodology do we use?

Dominic self-implement the insights found in a couple of books to grow two UK technology firms to £30m in five years. Verne Harnish wrote both of these best-selling titles Scaling Up: (Rockefeller Habits 2.0) and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.

Dominic is one of a global group of business coaches using Harnish’s proven Scaling Up methodology of strategic planning, which is based on Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. The framework includes specific tools such as creating a strong cultural foundationunderstanding the core customer to flesh out your One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP) and an execution framework to help implement your growth strategies with pinpoint precision.

Call Dominic now

Looking for a business coach near me? Coaching delivered in Greater London, the Thames Valley and beyond, please contact Dominic direct. For all enquiries, call 01725 605900 or email here.

Based between Southampton and Salisbury on the Hampshire / Wiltshire border, working with businesses across the South East of England, including SurreyBerkshire and London.

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